College Campus, USA

The End of Merit

Our educational deficit with other countries, notably China, particularly in the acquisition of practical skills, threatens our economic and political pre-eminence as our competitors are focused on economic competition and technological supremacy.

Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The Coming Collapse of the Developing World

by Joel Kotkin and Hügo Krüger — As COVID-19 rages on in Latin America and elsewhere, the possible collapse of these developing societies will have far-reaching impacts across the globe.

Young couple watching sunset in rural environment.

Millennials Are a Lot Less Progressive Than You Think

by Joel Kotkin and Samuel J. Abrams — Millennials have been cast as progressives, yet big skies and small towns are in high demand for a significant number of younger Americans.

California Fleeing

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — California may be a great state in many ways, but Californians are fleeing and their continued outmigration from the state signals worrisome demographic decline.

Saco, Montana - small town and inland from coastal cities

Upward and Outward: America on the Move

America’s recovery post-pandemic largely depends on our willingness to change conditions, on our own, when we no longer like them.

The New Labor Crisis is the Biggest Opportunity in a Generation

The COVID-19 pandemic has left pain and tragedy in its wake. But it has also created a unique opportunity to address the country’s persistent class divides, thanks to a persistent lack of labor resulting from the pandemic. In a world economy that has seen labor’s share of income drop for generations, this labor shortage could provide some restored leverage for both white and blue collar workers.

Mussolini, and the Rise of Neo-fascism

How the Democrats Fell for Mussolini

Mussolini’s notion of fascism has become increasingly dominant, albeit in an unexpected form: in the worldview of progressives who typically see “proto-fascism” lurking on the Right.

Homeless encampment in Orange County, California

Fully Oligarchic Luxury Socialism

What happens in California matters well beyond its borders. The Golden State’s cultural and technological influence on America, and the world, now could provide the nation’s next political template. What California is creating can be best described as oligarchic socialism…

Why American Jews Are Looking to Israel

For much of the past century, America has dominated the Jewish world. It has been a semi-sacred ‘safe place’, where anti-Semitism only rarely impinged on the national political culture. Yet today, American Jews face levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s.

Immigrants lined up at a border area.

The Right and Left Are Both Wrong on Immigration

Both sides have it wrong: Immigration is one of America’s great competitive assets, but making sure this remains the case requires finding sensible policy.