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Flight of the Icons: California Anti-Business Policies Driving Out Innovation Industries

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — It’s hard to say the word “innovation” and not think of California. But today, the state’s anti-business policies are driving out innovation industries.

The Big Thing That Trump Got Right and Biden Can’t Afford to Screw Up

The big thing that Trump got right and Biden can’t afford to screw up again: Trump promised a boom that wouldn’t just help the rich. Until the pandemic, he was delivering on that promise.

Chicago positioning to become next middle class hub

Chicago & Positioning: Becoming The Next Middle Class Hub

In this episode of the Feudal Future podcast, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky talk with Pete Saunders about how Chicago can better position itself to become the next middle class hub.

MAGA Rally

Why Trump’s America Will Live On

Trump may soon be out of power, but many of his views on international trade, media, economics and immigration will continue to influence politics for the next decade.

The Real Fascist Threat Was Never Trump—It’s Corporate Power

We cannot hope to have a functional democracy when property and information are controlled by a small number of companies tightly allied with political power.

Look to Orange County for How to Turn California Purple

For decades, Orange County was a reliable incubator of conservative politics but more recently has been seen as “tilting blue”. Yet this November’s election results tell a more nuanced story.

America, the Land of Opportunity

America Isn’t Falling Apart. It’s Still the Land of Opportunity

Over 10 percent of the American electorate was born elsewhere, the highest share in a half-century. All of Donald Trump’s huffing and puffing could not stop this demographic evolution.

Ownership and Opportunity: New Report from Urban Reform Institute

Ownership and Opportunity: A New Report from Urban Reform Institute

Ownership and Opportunity, a new report from Urban Reform Institute, explores the connection between homeownership and opportunity for upward mobility.

Feudal Future Podcast: COVID mRNA Vaccines and the Future of Pandemics

Covid mRNA Vaccines and the State of Future Pandemics

In this episode of the Feudal Future podcast, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky talk with Joe Payne and Tony Lemus about COVID mRNA vaccines and their likely impact on the future of pandemics.

Governor Preen: Newsom’s Woke Posturing Masks California’s Dismal Economic Record

California’s Governor Newsom policies are resulting in a highly bifurcated economy, with a dismal economic record for all too many middle class, working class, and small businesse owners.