Material goods being delivered by cargo ship

The Revenge of the Material Economy

Material economy workers are realizing the real economic power they wield delivering vital goods such as fuel, food and manufactured goods, and are leveraging that power to demand a better future.

Environmentalism is the new fundamentalist religion

Environmentalism is a Fundamentalist Religion

Today’s climate activists resemble nothing so much as a fundamentalist religious movement, with carbon the new devil’s spawn. But dogmatic environmental is likely reduce living standards in the West and around the world.

The fall of Los Angeles, with companies and their workers leaving.

The Fall of Los Angeles

Ineffective public policy, soaring costs of living, and a declining quality of life amid rising crime are resulting in the fall of Los Angeles as major employers leave the city and take jobs with them.

Precarious economy for the middle class is a threat to our democracy

Class Homicide

Among the most serious threats to democracy we face is political violence that is largely the result of changing class dynamics, most notably the increasingly perilous state of the yeoman middle class.

Jewish wedding

There Are Dark Days Ahead for the Jewish Diaspora

There are dark days ahead for the Jewish diaspora as anti-semitism and racial animus gains influence politically, not just on the far right but also on the ‘progressive’ left.

SpaceX commercial space launch

Can Space Save Earth?

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — Can space save earth? In space we may find solutions to some of our most pressing problems, including a workable energy strategy and access to the precious minerals needed to sustain our prosperity.

Electric cars, such as this Tesla are too pricey for low- and middle-class drivers

Electric Car Mandates Latest Frontier of Elites’ War on Middle Class

Electric car mandates are the latest frontier of war on the middle class, as low- and middle-income drivers can’t afford pricey electric cars.

The Democrats’ Green Agenda is Hurting Californians

The Democrats’ green agenda is hurting Californians, as the state’s climate policies are a key reason for its inability to meet growing energy demands.

Gavin Newsom’s Presidential Prospects

Gavin Newsom’s presidential prospects are better than conservatives tend to think: rather than being a progressive windup doll, the 54-year-old is a skilled political opportunist who has governed as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.