'Decolonized' universities are leading to educational decline in Canada

‘Decolonized’ Universities Dividing Canadians

In Canada, as in the U.S., school curricula are becoming increasingly politicized and decolonized universities increasingly work to undermine and divide nations.

Biden speech about lowering gas prices

Biden’s War on Fossil Fuels is Hurting America

Biden’s approach to fossil fuel policy may hurt America, with energy playing a major role in geopolitics and economics for the nation.

Gavin Newsom Turned the California Dream into a Woke Nightmare

Gavin Newsom turned the California Dream into a woke nightmare with policies that have disproportionately hurt working class and middle class families.

Gavin Newsom signs legislation.

California: Where Freedom Goes to Die

California was once a byword for liberty and opportunity. The so-called Golden State was home first to the Gold Rush, then to Hollywood and then to the tech revolution in Silicon Valley. Californians have long been proud of that legacy…

Trudeau's "post-national" view of Canada is weakening the country, just as it is needed on the world stage.

Trudeau has Weakened Canada — and by Extension, the Entire Free World

At a time when the western world desperately needs some backbone, Canada seems to be swaying. It appears to have moved away from its long-term commitment to protect our now wobbling western civilization.

Let Americans sprawl into suburbia - they're doing that anyway

Let America Sprawl

Americans, with little help from government, are reinventing themselves and boosting their prospects by settling in less expensive, less regulated regions where rents and house prices are more affordable.

Goodbye Davos! The annual World Economic Forum is increasingly irrelevant.

Goodbye to Davos and Good Riddance

Once widely considered the gathering of the elite of a future world government, the World Economic Forum is leaving a legacy of increasing irrelevance.

Western powers competition with China for new world order

The Coming War of Civilizations

Today’s many crises are not separate events, but follow the pattern described in Samuel Huntington’s 2011 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order which predicted the rise of “revanchist” powers seeking to recover perceived past glory.

RFK Jr.’s Popularity Shows that Americans Aren’t Despairing (yet)

Amid the muck created by America’s two inadequate presidential frontrunners, green shoots are rising. They may not grow to maturity this year, but the basis for the emergence of better political choices already exists and is showing surprising life.

California's fortune is shrinking along with its demographic decline

How to Shrink a Fortune

For generations, millions have come to California to make their fortunes, relying on the state’s own seemingly limitless fortune of natural resources, favorable climate, and economic opportunity. But now California’s […]