Parents with a child

We Need More Families

Families, and the lack of them, are emerging as one of the great political dividing lines in America, and much of the high-income world. The familial ideal was once embraced […]

U.S. Capitol Dome - a symbol of America

America is Built on a Great Culture. Progressives Want to Abandon It

Great nations rest on a great common culture. Progressives would do well to relearn that a common culture that binds us is not only good and necessary, but popular.

California progressives are dreamin' while their policies destroyurban life

California Dreamin’

California progressives are dreamin’ while their policies are resulting in ever increasing inequality, homelessness, and urban crime. Joel Kotkin covers Michael Shellenberger’s timely new book, San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities.

Glenn Youngkin campaigns in Virginia

Did Critical Race Theory Lose Virginia?

Did critical race theory lose Virginia? Youngkin’s win may in part reflect that even moderately liberal parents do not want racialism brought into schools.

UN Climate Change Conference 2021

Elites are Using Climate Hysteria to Immiserate the Working Class

Climate change summits like this week’s in Glasgow need to pursue emissions reductions without doomsaying, and avoid policies that lead to catastrophic economic and social consequences.

Slow boat from China heads into port of San Francisco

Slow Boat from China

by Joel Kotkin — Slow boat from China: a broken supply chain is hardly a rich man’s problem—global bankers are having their best year ever—but mostly impacts ordinary folks suffering from rising prices for everything.

Protest signage at the White House fence

Have We Reached the High Water Mark of Woke?

Over the past decade, the woke agenda has crested like a giant tsunami, covering institutions from the media to the military. But there are signs the woke progressive model has started to lose its appeal, even among liberals.

Confronting the Supply Chain Crisis

by Joel Kotkin — A pandemic related supply chain crisis has created the worst delays in modern history, with cargo rates rising to as much as 10 times their pre-pandemic level.

Joe Biden’s Class War

President Joe Biden may present himself as a ‘working-class hero’, but the sad reality today is that working class wages are in decline.