Suburban neighborhoods

Urban Sprawl, the Environmentally Friendly Answer to Expensive Housing

Where governments have embraced such things as “urban growth boundaries” and greenbelts that restrict new housing on the fringe, expensive housing is the result.

France protests the police killing of a teenager

France’s Riots are Following the George Floyd Playbook

A lack of economic opportunity, crowded living conditions and frustration at repeated conflicts with police are all contributing factors to France’s riots.

Empty downtown areas persist as economic activity moves to the periphery in emerging new cities

Kill Off the Old City So New Cities Can Be Born

Even as urban centers struggle, their peripheries are flourishing. These are the emerging new cities of today’s American urban landscape.

Electric vehicles are likely to remain unaffordable for most

This Rush to Electric Cars is a Colossal Mistake

The rush to electric vehicles may—once again, make automobile ownership a luxury item and threaten the mobility of all but the wealthiest among us.

America may be the luckiest country on the planet

The Luckiest Country

America, the proverbial lucky fool, remains, despite itself, the world’s leading military power and largest economy. This has little to do with the genius of our leadership, but largely despite them.

California's agriculture technology is an area where the state excels

Why Agriculture is the Key to California’s Future in Tech

The world may see California largely as home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but it’s agriculture technology where we can most clearly outshine our competitors.

Protest against racial affirmative action in college admissions.

Even Progressive Voters Don’t Like Racial Affirmative Action

When even a majority of progressive voters say that colleges should not factor race and ethnicity into the admissions process, affirmative action is not a winning issue.

The Rise of the Liberal Apostate

The rise of the liberal apostate, coupled with a growing pushback from grassroots businesses and consumers, represents a far more profound challenge to the established order than the one routinely mounted by conservatives.

La Jolla, California

Solving the Global Housing Crisis

The global housing crisis across the high-income world, particularly in the Anglosphere, represents perhaps the single biggest challenge to the future of the middle class.

A secession movement in northern California

Secession Is a Threat Californians Should Take Seriously

The secession movement is a threat to California, but its more conservative interior is growing in population and could have a moderating influence as the state’s liberal coastal areas loses residents.