California’s Economy May Seem Healthy, But Just Wait for the Next Recession

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — California economy may seem healthy, but its dependence on tax revenue from big tech and a small group of high earners, makes the state highly vulnerable in the event of a recession.

After Buffalo, NY shooting, we're telling the wrong story about race in America

We’re Telling the Wrong Story About Race in America

We’re telling the wrong story about race in America: immigrants and minorities are not “replacing” anyone; they are helping build new communities.

There’s One Simple Trick for Making America’s Post-Pandemic Cities Great Again

Making America’s cities great again without a mass return to the office is much more likely with an approach of reducing crime, and improving basic city services.

Boomers are leaving an economic disaster that robs the young of prospects for upward mobility

How the Boomers Robbed the Young of All Hope

By virtually every indication, the baby boomers have robbed the young by leaving a heritage of economic carnage that shapes the future for the worse and even threaten democratic self-rule.

Between the Stupid and the Evil

It is commonplace, even among Republicans, to label the Republicans ‘the stupid party’, while lambasting the Democrats as ‘the evil party’. Today, both parties are working overtime to live up to their reputations, to the detriment of all Americans.

Big Tech is the biggest threat to our democracy

The Independent Republics of Big Tech Are the Biggest Threat to Democracy

The biggest threat to democracy is America’s largest tech companies, routinely exporting jobs, money and technology to our most significant global adversary.

capitalist civil war ahead?

Do We Need a Capitalist Civil War?

Do we need a capitalist civil war? Capitalists are already divided into what he (Piketty) calls “the Brahmin Left” and the “merchant Right”. The recent hysteria of among progressives over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter could signal the start of a more heated conflict, pitting market-oriented business interests against the gentry progressivism of so many of the largest firms.

Los Angeles, looking toward coastal mountains

What the New York Times Won’t Admit About California

What the New York Times won’t admit about California: the connection between the California economy, the state’s level of regulation and the rising out-migrations.

Austin, Texas downtown area, viewed from residential area.

America is Quietly Reinventing Itself

America is quietly reinventing itself as millennials increasingly move away from coastal metros to smaller cities and suburbs in the Sun Belt where they can find more affordable housing.

Sydney, Australia - one of many increasingly unaffordable cities

Serfing the Future?

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Are we “serfing the future” as big capital and ever-more intrusive regulation creates a market in which home-ownership is out of reach and young people are forced into a lifetime of rental serfdom?