Local businesses in smaller towns are in a post-pandemic revival.

Is America Entering a New Age of Democratic Capitalism?

If we make the choices that restore competition and bring production back to the United States and the West, America could enter a new age of democratic capitalism.

For working class families of both nations, the green energy policies of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are likely to worsen economic conditions.

Biden, Trudeau Choose Green War on Oil and Gas Over Working Class

For working class families of both nations, the green energy policies of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are likely to worsen economic conditions.

Real American divide is between party extremism and the mostly moderate American electorate.

The Real American Divide

The real American divide is between both parties extremists and the moderate, pragmatic policy preferences of the average American.

Political retreads - yessterday's men Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

From Boris to Trump, Yesterday’s Men Won’t Go Away

It turns out that old politicians—yesterday’s men— are hard to get rid of, whatever their politics, except by death.

Ohio Senate Race a Battle for Populist America

Ohio and the Battle for Populist America

This midterm year, in which many states have to choose between non-entities and the certifiably insane, Ohio is blessed by a real political dogfight. At issue is a battle for populist America: will Ohio go for anti-elitist, cultural conservative J.D. Vance or anti-globalist, pro-union Tim Ryan?

Our Mad Aristos

Our Mad Aristos

Usually ruling classes like to protect the system that secured their coveted positions. But today a large portion of the wealthiest and most privileged parts of our society—are key funders of an increasingly anti-capitalist left.

Could a Universal Basic Income Alleviate Inequality or Destroy Aspiration?

There’s Nothing Progressive About a Universal Basic Income

Will a universal basic income alleviate inequality or will the aspirational side of capitalism be squelched by the rollout of ever more benefits?

'The Champion of Despotism',cdrawn by John L. Magee, part of the American cartoon print filing series (Library of Congress)

Three Paths to Despotism

Worrying developments on the political Right reflect only one expression of the new authoritarianism. The Western Left, once advocates of free speech and tolerant of markets, now embrace a massive expansion of state power, complete with expansive curbs on expression and speech.

With the rise of remote work, and rising crime - do cities have a future?

Do Cities Have a Future?

Today the world’s great cities, such as New York or London, face dramatically changed conditions, notably the rise of remote work, fears from the pandemic, and rising crime. In light of these realities, do cities have a future?

What Really Divides America

What really divides America is economic class — basic concerns such as living wages and affordable housing, rather than political ideology.