Asian and Jews discriminated against while being held up as "model minorities"

Are Asians the New Jews?

In countries where Asians and Jews immigrated in large numbers, they have long followed a common path. Both groups occupy a dual position: discriminated against for standing out, while at the same time held up as models of success.

Africa's Urban Future

The Future of Cities: Africa’s Urban Future

The urban future in the coming decades will be largely an African one. Now home to 12 of the world’s largest cities and four megacities; Africa has the world’s fastest-growing urban population.

The Jewish community has outgrown this antisemitic trope, but Sam Bankman Fried's current legal peril epitomizes the "fall of the Jewish gangster"

The Fall of the Jewish Gangster

To reflexive antisemites, Bankman-Fried epitomizes the “fall of the Jewish gangster” but this misses the changes he represents, more a malicious cleverness of the new tech oligarchy rather than one of old tribal traditions.

The Future of Chinese Cities

The Future of Cities: The Future of Chinese Cities

China represents the cutting edge of 21st century urbanism. The successes and failures of Chinese cities will shape global perceptions of city life, not only in that country but around the world.

Labor force participation in the U.S. has declined along with the decline in labor unions.

Mysteries of the Labor Force

One of the enduring mysteries of contemporary society centers on the seeming disassociation of so much of the labor force from the economy.

Rural communities are protesting energy & agricultural policies scripted by urban "green" promoters

The Rural Revolution a Welcome Counter to the Liberal Green Agenda

Energy and agricultural policies that follow the globalist green script may appeal to denizens of Toronto’s towers and swankier neighborhoods, but can be regarded with horror by farmers in rural Manitoba or oil-riggers in Alberta.

California's job market has multi-dimensional problems

California Jobs: A Multi-Dimensional Problem

This newly released report by Joel Kotkin, Marshall Toplansky, Heather Gonzales, and Ken Murphy examines how California can recreate the middle-class jobs it used to have, and grow overall prosperity for its citizens.

The retreat from globalism is taking a turn toward a new localism.

The Retreat from Globalism

Today’s turn against globalism need not herald a return to the dark days of aggressive nationalism. Instead, we are seeing the rise of a new community-based and self-governing model of localism.

The changing U.S. economy suggests a change to the political map

How America’s ‘Big Sort’ Will Upend Politics

The world may not be turning upside down, but it’s certainly tilting. In the long shadow of the pandemic, with war on the European continent and the West and China […]

View from The Left Coast event - Live Speaker Panel

Views from The Left Coast: The Future of Cities

The Western US has long been an innovator in developing the urban form, notably in the creation of suburbanized, multipolar cities. Yet now that model is showing strain, and there’s a fierce debate about how western cities should grow.