Will increasing antisemitism lead to Jews retreating into defensive enclaves?

Will Jews Return to the Ghetto?

Faced with increasing antisemitism, will Jews retreat into a more separate existence—a ghetto of the spirit—in exchange for being left alone?

Is California's culture of political progressivism contributing to the silence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews?

Many of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews Are Silent on Israel

Does the silence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews on Israel stem from the reflexively progressive politics that dominate California?

Samuel Huntington was Right: Cultural and Religious Clashes are Driving War Today

Samuel Huntington’s 2011 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, predicted the cultural and religious clashes that are driving war today.

Energy security is critical to the national security of the U.S. and its allies

Alarm on Energy

Our national security, and that of our allies, depends on energy security. Energy is the economy. We forget these realities at our extreme peril.

Why are Jews abandoning the left? Most likely it is the growing left-wing support of the actions of groups such as Hamas.

Why Jews Are Abandoning the Left

The recent atrocities committed by Hamas against Israel have challenged the historic alliance between Jews and the left, in light of the support of Hamas among progressive leftists in the West.

Israeli Defense Forces rescuing wounded

How you can help Israel during this horrific time

Following is a list of some of organizations that are actively Israel’s response to these catastrophes and greatly need support.

Biden vs. Trump is not the choice many Americans want

Could a Third Party Save America?

Could a third party forge a new class coalition of those whose views do not neatly fit into the categories of left or right, and save America?

Building the New America, that better addresses the aspirations of most Americans

Report: Building the New America

How do we build a new urban model for America — one that is better aligned with the aspirations of most Americans? This newly released report examines the housing trends that are driving today’s migration of people and jobs.

Solano County is the site of a new city planned by Silicon Valley billionaires

A Lesson on California Housing from the Billionaires Planning a New City

A cadre of Silicon Valley elites is drawing fierce criticism from local residents and environmentalists for planning a new city on the outskirts of the Bay Area, a project dubbed “California Forever.”

UAW strike reveals that many workers are no longer in lockstep with the Democratic Party.

Trump is Fighting an American Class War – and Winning

Trump is fighting an American class war — the auto strike, and his attempt to take advantage of it, reveals how many working class voters now see the Democratic Party as the party of corporate power, political censorship and cultural extremism.