Class is Back

The growing likelihood of recession, at best sharply lower growth, seems likely to further accentuate class and political divisions already rubbed raw by the pandemic and a global supply crisis.

Engineered California

Engineered California

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — Nothing so illustrates the mindset of green politics, particularly in California, as the word “natural,” which is taken to mean unspoiled, pure, and better than the workings of man. Yet few places are as fundamentally artificial, if measured by its dependency on human intervention, as California.

Donald Trump waves goodbye.

Trump is the Democrats’ Secret Weapon

Trump is the Democrats’ best secret weapon, but his paranoid personal style is no longer unchallenged even inside the Republican party.

Skilled trades important to the U.S. Economy

Forget College. Skilled Trades are the Future of the U.S. Economy

The future U.S. economy needs workers in skilled trades and faces a profound lack of skills among young Americans that a college education is not providing.

Empty storefront in urban area of Portland, Oregon

Reconsidering the City

Over five millennia, urban centers have been drivers of civilization and progress, and have adapted in ways that have changed their form and function but assured their survival. Today, they are about to undergo another critical transition that will determine their relative position in the decades ahead.

America accelerates renewable energy while China slows its own GHG reduction

Green Rope-a-Dope: China Watches as America Greens

Much of the West’s climate policies will likely weaken our economy; meanwhile China plays green rope-a-dope, slowing its own greenhouse-gas reduction to accelerate its economic gains relative to the West.

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates Rick Caruso and Karen Bass

Who Will Be the Next Mayor of Los Angeles?

Who will be the next mayor of Los Angeles? On June 7, Caruso will compete in the city’s open mayoral primary, facing off against Karen Bass.

Urban Crime, urban decline and disorder

America’s Great Cities are Gripped by Decline and Disorder

As US cities reel from collapsed economies, decline and disorder— and pervasive corruption, there’s something of a revolt brewing.

Murals in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California

California Needs a Recession

Does California need a recession for its leadership to diversify the state away from dependence on big tech, and reduce the state’s economic exposure to stock market declines?

COVID impact on small business was mostly negative

What COVID Hath Wrought

What COVID hath wrought is accelerated economic, demographic, and geographic trends which were already existent, but mostly unacknowledged. Particularly, it sharpened the conflict between many Americans and the ruling “expert” class — who flourished during the pandemic, unlike most Americans.