Hope and Fear: Can We Avoid a Racial Apocalypse?

The left’s and the media’s embrace of racial apocalypse has been sadly selective, ignoring racial violence committed by other ‘people of color’.

Rose of Social Democracy

What Happened to Social Democracy?

Born of the radical Left, social democracy worked to improve the living standards of working people by accommodating the virtues of capitalism.

coronavirus illustration

Trust the Science: The Blue State Surge is Real

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — For months the conventional wisdom among Democrats, was that lockdowns played an essential role in containing COVID-19. The great heroes, in addition to Anthony Fauci, were hardline governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, California’s Gavin Newsom and, most of all, New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

The California Economy vs. Sacramento

In recent years the California economy has been divided, Janus-like, between a rising innovation economy, and its overall economy, where 85% of new jobs pay below the median income.

San Francisco in lockdown, with tents on a city street

The Death of the American City

When my grandparents migrated to New York from Russia over a century ago, they found a city that was hardly paradise, but one that provided a pathway towards a better life. But today’s cities no longer offer upward mobility, and the working class is leaving.

Suburbs of Houston, Texas

Battlefield ‘Burbs

America’s political culture has been shaped by its rural and urban environments, each of which tends to be dominated by one party. Yet the political future of the country lies in the ‘burbs — the suburban and exurban rings that dominate every metropolitan region.

Aging Population

How Declining Fertility Rates May Deliver Us to Oblivion

Rather than being doomed by a surfeit of humans we may be experiencing, certainly in the West and in East Asia, dangerously low fertility rates that threaten to slow world economic growth and innovation.

Victorian houses in San Francisco

Why More Americans Should Leave Home and Move to Other States

America has been lazily divided by pundits into red and blue states, as if there weren’t constant movement of people between them. Fortunately, reality is a lot more purple — and hopeful — as immigrants, people of color and millennials reshape parts of America by voting with their feet and moving.

John Kerry speaks at the Paris Climate Accord, 2015

Climate Policy: COVID on Steroids?

by Joel Kotkin — For most people around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic seems a great human tragedy. Yet some think it presents a grand opportunity to enact permanent lockdowns on economic growth, and population growth.

Examining China's Urban Growth, with Austin Williams

Feudal Future Podcast — Examining China’s Urban Growth, with Austin Williams

In this episode of the Feudal Future Podcast, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky talk with Austin Williams about the differences in urban growth between the West and China.