Gavin Newsom recently announced plans to Trump-proof California

Gavin Newsom’s Futile Bid to Trump-Proof California

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced plans to “Trump-proof” the state if the former president wins later this year.

In California, anti-Semitism from the progressive Left is mostly unchallenged

California Is the Homeland of Progressive Anti-Semitism

California university campuses – hardly considered to be bastions of hate – have allowed acts of flagrant anti-Semitism to go unpunished.

California's diversity promises are broken for its Latinos

California’s Broken Diversity Promise

Few states are more ostentatious in their concern for diversity and minority uplift than California, but its policy promise is broken for the state’s growing Latino population.

The NHS has recently banned use of puberty blockers outside of clinical trials - a welcome sign of caution about chemically modifying our children.

America is Strangely Fond of Chemically Modifying its Children

The recent decision by the National Health Service to ban puberty blockers under prescription outside of upcoming clinical trials is a rare indication that common sense and biological reality are staging a comeback.

Electric vehicles could be a major issue in the American election

EVs Will Decide the Outcome of the American Election

If Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump this November, his ill-conceived drive to push electric vehicles may be a key issue. Americans aren’t opposed to electric vehicles, but their price is out of reach for many.

The revolt against capitalism is coming from its biggest beneficiaries

The Coming Revolt Against Woke Capitalism

The greatest threat to Western civilization comes not from China, Russia or Islamists, but from the very people who rank among its greatest beneficiaries.

Joe Lieberman represented a more centrist Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is Now Indisputably Woke

The passing this last week of Joe Lieberman, a long-time Connecticut Senator and former vice-presidential candidate, stands as reminder of how far the Democrats have moved from the kind of centrist politics that he so epitomised.

Biden moving forward with climate plan that lacks popular support is a threat to democracy

Biden’s Climate Plan is a Threat to Democracy

Biden’s climate plan is a threat to democracy if instead of mobilizing the masses, the climate lobby increasingly rejects the idea of popular consent.

Protesting fossil fuels may be popular, but ESG investing had its worst year yet in 2023.

Blue States Should Let ESG Die

ESG funds faced their worst year on record in 2023, harming taxpayers, state employees, and their families in blue states where ESG investing is most prevalent.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) helps tech giants, but promises to threaten a large number of white collar jobs

How AI Helps Tech Giants

The emergence of AI favors certain interests, notably a handful of technology giants, the media and a small cadre of highly skilled programmers. Everyone else faces economic danger, certain to roil domestic and international politics in coming years.