Western Greed Fuels China's Domination

Xi Jinping Emerges As the Winner from San Francisco

Xi Jinping should have entered San Francisco’s Apec conference with his tail between his legs, but instead has emerged as something closer to the king of the world.

Could the War in Gaza Sink Joe Biden?

Even as he seeks a middle ground between supporting Israel’s military actions and the ceasefire demanded by his ‘progressive’ anti-Israel allies, Joe Biden seems to be pleasing very few.

Europe is burning; demographic & economic decline is creating unrest.

Europe Is Burning

Europe is in decline; hemmed in by dismal demographics, high taxes, suffocating regulation, and an entrenched bureaucracy that makes California seem like a libertarian paradise.

Democrats Should Think Twice About Gavin Newsom

Democrats should think twice about Gavin Newsom; the California governor is a textbook case of gentry progressivism and its disastrous implications for working- and middle-class people.

Is the west ready for another war? Our industrial base has declined.

Is the West Ready for World War 3?

Previous struggles were won not only thanks to good political and military leadership, but also by the sheer force of industrial power; is the West ready for another world war?

Qatari and other autocracies are heavily funding American universities - what are they getting out of their largesse?

Moolah from Mullahs

For decades, China and Middle Eastern autocracies have been pouring billions of dollars into American and other foreign universities.

Will increasing antisemitism lead to Jews retreating into defensive enclaves?

Will Jews Return to the Ghetto?

Faced with increasing antisemitism, will Jews retreat into a more separate existence—a ghetto of the spirit—in exchange for being left alone?

Is California's culture of political progressivism contributing to the silence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews?

Many of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews Are Silent on Israel

Does the silence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Jews on Israel stem from the reflexively progressive politics that dominate California?

Samuel Huntington was Right: Cultural and Religious Clashes are Driving War Today

Samuel Huntington’s 2011 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, predicted the cultural and religious clashes that are driving war today.

Energy security is critical to the national security of the U.S. and its allies

Alarm on Energy

Our national security, and that of our allies, depends on energy security. Energy is the economy. We forget these realities at our extreme peril.