The Next Entrepreneurial Revolution is underway after pandemic driven business disruption

The Next Entrepreneurial Revolution

The next entrepreneurial revolution is underway as Americans’ instinctive entrepreneurial spirit to drive growth and innovation overtakes pandemic driven disruption.

America’s Overdue to Unfriend Mark Zuckerberg

America is overdue to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg: his free speech views faded when they became a threat, rather than a boon, to his bottom line. He is exposed as a leading member of the new techno-aristocracy manipulating the world and shaping our society to fit their own world view.

Entrance of Facebook Corporate headquarters

How Work Will Change Permanently After the Pandemic

Last spring, the COVID-19 pandemic caused perhaps the worst job losses since the Great Depression. The decrease in the labor force participation rate — from 63.3% to 61.3% — has been steeper than that seen in the Great Recession and is among the largest 12-month declines in the post-World War II era

Winners and Losers: The Global Economy After COVID

by Joel Kotkin and Hügo Krüger — The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world economy in ways that will be debated by pundits and future historians for decades to come, but looks likely to produce clear economic winners and losers.

A new middle class rebellion is gaining steam

A Middle Class Rebellion Against Progressives is Gaining Steam

A new middle-class rebellion isn’t rejecting everything that progressives stand for; the need for improved access to health care is resonating but cultural conformity doesn’t pass muster with much of the political middle.

Joe Biden’s Imaginary America

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Biden’s policies seem designed for coastal enclaves that do not represent most of the country — an imaginary America, rather than the diverse reality.

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer

Why Jews Are Confused

by Joel Kotkin and Edward Heyman — The return of anti-semitic rhetoric and violence from both the Left and the Right is why Jews are confused about which side of the political spectrum presents their greatest threat.

Emergence of Global Heartland

The Emergence of the Global Heartland

New Report from Heartland Forward — A global heartland is emerging as the U.S. Heartland’s share of foreign-born population has risen from 23.5 percent in 2010 to 31.1 percent.

San Francisco and the tech industry symbolize the rise of corporate-state tyranny

The Rise of Corporate–State Tyranny

In explaining his shift away from Maoist economics, Deng Xiao Ping, chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, described his market-oriented changes as “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Today, American businesses, as well as the media and academic establishments that serve them, increasingly embrace what can best be described as “Chinese capitalism with American characteristics.”

Then Vice-President Joe Biden speaks at a meeting of the European Parliament

How America Turned Into the EU

Now that “progressives” have returned to the White House, aping the EU has become policy. President Joe Biden has already sought to federalize many functions that historically have been under local control.