Recent demographic growth is almost entirely ex-urban


Our greatest urban cores must address the demographic, social, and economic forces transforming the metropolitan landscape if they want to avoid the fate of being ex-urbia.

The annual World Economic Forum at Davos epitomizes the focus of the super-rich on 'progressive' causes.

The Rich Are Eating Themselves

The super-rich hope that by genuflecting ‘progressive’ causes, they can buy themselves political protection and fend off activists seeking real economic change.

Russian in Czech Republic protest war in Ukraine

The New Great Game

As in the “great game“ practiced by European colonialists in the nineteenth century, in the new great game interests overcome principles.

Imperfect world, but an increasingly multiracial society.

Canada and the U.S. are Not Systemically Racist — and the Numbers Prove It

In Canada and the U.S., the narrative of systemic racism increasingly blots out all other narratives about the heritage that shaped our national destinies.

Environmentalists are unwittingly serving as China's useful idiots.

Environmentalists Are China’s Useful Idiots

China’s Xi Jinping can count on environmentalists, corporate elites, and opportunist executives to serve as “useful idiots.”

Rising crime is one of the issues driving urban decline and out-migration to smaller towns

The Ghost of Ancient Rome Haunts America

The death of Ancient Rome wasn’t so much a collapse as a slow, interminable decay: between the second and sixth centuries AD, its population declined from a million people to just 30,000. Does a similar fate awaits our modern metropolises?

Wind turbines on farmland

Energy Colonialism Will Worsen the Urban-Rural Divide

The urban-rural divide grows as rural residents rebel against costly government regulations, while a largely urban led green movement depicts “industrial farming” as one of the principal villains of society.

Working and middle class families find rent less affordable as housing costs drive a neo-feudal economic divide

A Neo-Feudal War on the People

Neo-feudal trends are sobering, although working and middle classes are not yet out for the count, and are showing welcome signs of pushback against both state and corporate power.

Recalibrating: Lessons from Youngstown, Ohio

The Future of Cities: Recalibrating Expectations: Lessons From Youngstown, Ohio

As Youngstown, Ohio lost its industrial base, it faced long-term effects from disinvestment and globalization – and a need for economic renewal. What lessons did the city learn, and can they be applied elsewhere?

Davos speaks but world leaders don't actually listen.

Beyond Davos

More than anything, Davos demonstrates not power—it has no legislative or regulatory power—but the relentless search for prestige and recognition. The important decisions are made beyond Davos.