Senator Chuck Schumer

The Democrats’ New Climate Bill Abandons Green Zealotry

The Democrats’ new climate bill represents a promising shift away from the hysteria over the “climate catastrophe” and toward more reasonable and effective policies.

Suburban areas of Chandler, Arizona

Why Suburbia Will Decide the Future

As the U.S. population increasingly moves to suburbia, these shifts in population are rewriting the present and future political map.

The Biggest Threat to the CHIPS Act? The Green Left

The biggest threat to America’s reindustrialization, subsidized by the recently passed CHIPS act, comes not from “free market” supporters, but from the green left.

Slow boat from China heads into port of San Francisco

Free Trade’s Heavy Cost

Free-trade’s cost to the American economy has been heavy job losses in the manufacturing jobs that historically supported middle-class families, even as it has benefited consumers and tech shareholders.

Wind Turbines, Carol M. Highsmith Archive

Green Dreams, Inflationary Realities

by Joel Kotkin and Hügo Krüger — Global policy and politics, particularly in the high-income world, have green dreams for energy and the economy; inflationary realities are hitting the working class and denizens of developing countries.

Google: Don't be evil

Google: Whatever Happened to ‘Don’t Be Evil’?

The founders of Google founders once proclaimed their motto as ‘Don’t be evil’, but dropped that motto in 2018 to chase bigger profits and an even higher stock price. Google and the other Big Tech firms are now oligarchs and monopolists, exerting undue influence on the market and on politics.

Gavin Newsom Won’t Save the Democrats

Given Biden’s lackluster administration, Democrats are looking for a new savior, but Gavin Newsom won’t save the Democrats. Newsom’s ascendency faces some severe challenges. First, to get nominated, he must not only depose Biden, but also see off Vice President Kamala Harris.

Millennials dropping out of politics and economy

Why Millennials Are Dropping Out

Millennials are rejecting the system — dropping out of politics and increasingly dropping out of the economy as well.

Ethnicity by County in the U.S.: 2020

The Cost of Biden’s Racialism

While Biden has placed racialism — making race a decisive factor in public decisions — at the heart of his political programme, in reality minorities may not prove the Castroite fifth column dreamed up by either the far-Right or their leftist doppelgängers.

Performance manufacturing center in Marysville, Ohio

Heartland Manufacturing Renaissance

Out in the rolling country just east of Columbus, Ohio, a new—and potentially brighter—American future is emerging. New factories are springing up, and, amid a severe labor shortage, companies are recruiting in the inner city and among communities of new immigrants and high schoolers to keep their plants running.