Gen Z has many issues with western civilization.

Is Gen Z Turning Against Western Civilization?

If gen Z is turning against western civilization, one issue may be that they are being poorly served in numerous ways, notably by the economy.

COP28 UAE green agenda is losing support from the middle class

The West is Turning Away from COP28’s Green Agenda

The UN’s COP28 climate conference has always been more political than scientific. But now more than ever, the green agenda looks to be in jeopardy.

Are we burning the U.S. flag with uncontrolled immigration from countries that do not share western values?

The West Cannot Accept Gazan Refugees

The stunning victory of anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders suggests that the notion of a proposed “Muslim ban”, tamping down on immigration from Islamic countries, is no longer outside the […]

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews

The Jewish Civil War Over Israel

Despite the shared threat posed by rising antisemitism, the response of the Jewish community to events in Israel has been far from unified.

Canada's green economy focus has growth lagging

Trudeau’s Green Jihad Holding Canada Back

Canada, a country rich in resources and people nevertheless has become a perpetual laggard in terms of economic growth.

Western Greed Fuels China's Domination

Xi Jinping Emerges As the Winner from San Francisco

Xi Jinping should have entered San Francisco’s Apec conference with his tail between his legs, but instead has emerged as something closer to the king of the world.

Could the War in Gaza Sink Joe Biden?

Even as he seeks a middle ground between supporting Israel’s military actions and the ceasefire demanded by his ‘progressive’ anti-Israel allies, Joe Biden seems to be pleasing very few.

Europe is burning; demographic & economic decline is creating unrest.

Europe Is Burning

Europe is in decline; hemmed in by dismal demographics, high taxes, suffocating regulation, and an entrenched bureaucracy that makes California seem like a libertarian paradise.

Democrats Should Think Twice About Gavin Newsom

Democrats should think twice about Gavin Newsom; the California governor is a textbook case of gentry progressivism and its disastrous implications for working- and middle-class people.

Is the west ready for another war? Our industrial base has declined.

Is the West Ready for World War 3?

Previous struggles were won not only thanks to good political and military leadership, but also by the sheer force of industrial power; is the West ready for another world war?