Welcome to the New Era of Environmental Colonialism

by Hügo Krüger and Joel Kotkin — There’s a new kind of colonialism afoot in rich nations – environmental colonialism that was on full display at the UN’s latest climate summit, known as the COP27.

Climate policy seems increasingly likely to provoke a new global class war between "virtuous elites" and the middle and working class

The New Global Class War

A new global class war looms, as assembled woke corporations, bureaucrats and obscenely financed nonprofits at COP 27 agree to offer ‘climate reparations’ to poorer nations, undoubtedly to be paid for by workers in developed countries.

Trump's recent dinner with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West is symptomatic of the "main-streaming" of anti-semitism in America

Anti-Semitism is Creeping Back into America

That few conservatives spoke out after a recent Trump dinner with white nationalist Nick Fuentes suggests anti-Semitism is creeping back into American life. Likewise, the progressive left tends to downplay growing anti-Semitism in its ranks.

Los Angeles City Council caught in hot-mic scandal

After Intersectionalism

After intersectionalism – a racial ideology that has recently dominated American politics, the country reverts to an older style of ethnic politics in which ideology takes a back seat to practical concerns such as jobs, and the spoils of government spending.

Exurbia, shown in an aerial photography

A Better Future

Can we have a better future — with the ability to build the kind of family-friendly housing long sought by most Americans?

Now watch Biden and Trudeau Escalate their Extreme Progressivism

Will recent midterm electoral results encourage Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, to move toward extreme progressivism that is likely to prove unpopular with voters?

Gavin Newsom signs legislation.

Living up to the “Left Coast” Name

The “left coast” mostly lived up to its name during the midterms, though occasional signs of dissent could be seen. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom won big, and the GOP saw no major statewide successes.

The Democrats’ False Victory

A stronger-than-expected Midterms performance doesn’t mask the fact that the progressives remain a dominant faction in the party — with an associated agenda that, outside of deep blue-college towns and core cities, commands little electoral support.

Geography is increasingly a factor in U.S. politics, and growth is happening mostly in "red" states

A Tale of Two Americas

Tuesday’s Midterms were not a victory for conservative or progressive ideology, but an assertion of the growing power of geography in American politics.

Will the west coast blue states turn red in the mid-term elections?

West Coast Blues

Will the West Coast blue states see a Republican revival in the mid-terms? With drought, wildfires, skyrocketing energy prices and out-of-reach housing costs, it’s a real possibility.