Danielle Smith will fight for Alberta, Canada's oil industry — about 30% of its economy

Danielle Smith’s Pro-Growth Rebellion is a Sign of Things to Come

Danielle Smith recently told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that she will “fight” for the province’s oil industry, which accounts for upwards of 30 per cent of the province’s economy.

Why Africa is Turning Its Back on the Eco-obsessed West

African and other developing countries need to grow. They do not embrace Western assumptions about culture, politics and the balance between economic and environmental goals.

Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang

Nvidia’s Boom is Not a Straightforward American Success Story

Nvidia’s boom may reward the firm’s owners and employees, as well as the tech-oriented financial speculators, but the success may not rebound so well to the industry’s workforce overall, or to the broader interests of the West.

Governor Gavin Newsom faces challenges to his gambit of blending income redistribution with a green agenda.

The Governor’s Gambit

Will the governor’s gambit succeed? Today, Newsom’s “California model” of government — a blend of income redistribution and a green agenda are seeing many of the rewards of innovation go elsewhere.

U.S. National Marriage Rates have dropped significantly during past 20 years

Women Have Won the ‘War Between the Sexes,’ but at What Cost?

The war between the sexes has ended, and the role of women in advanced societies has expanded dramatically, which is generally a good thing but has some rarely cited downsides.

Next Generation American Suburbs

The Future of Cities Series: Conclusion

Over five millennia, cities have demonstrated their essential resiliency. They now are transforming to a pattern based on digital commuting.

Conservative political movements have succeeded by appealing to the working and middle class, linking their policies with upward mobility.

Tory Autocracy

Over the past century, and even before, conservative political movements thrived by challenging the Left’s appeal to the working and middle class. Virtually all the successful movements on the democratic Right won by establishing a link between conservative policies and upward mobility.

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom Meets Reality with California’s Budget Deficit

Gavin Newsom, the would-be president many Democrats hope might be an alternative to the current dodderer-in-chief, has landed himself in hot water, as he must now cope with a budget deficit.

Next Generation American Suburbs

The Future of Cities: Next Generation Suburbs

Next generation suburbs can be designed to preserve the environment, and advantage that urban core cities could never achieve.

Fred Siegel's legacy is a love of and a booster of cities, particularly his adopted hometown of Brooklyn.

Fred Siegel’s Legacy

Fred Siegel’s passing this weekend represented a huge loss not just for me personally but, more importantly, for all those concerned with the future of the United States, and particularly its cities. Fred was fearless, willing to take on conventional wisdom but always tethered to history in a way that is increasingly rare.