Cultural differences aligned with geography have become a significant political divide in America

Progressive Geography’s Intellectual Dead End

The widening gap between the cognitive elites concentrated in big cities and the rest of the country is a deepening political divide.

Trudeau and Biden bi-lateral conference

Trudeau, Biden Paying Political Price as the West Turns Against Immigration

Immigration creates opportunities, but voters are increasingly against mass immigration of people without language and education skills required for advanced Western economies.

Trump MAGA sychophants won't help him win the election

If Trump Wants to Win the Election He Must Reject MAGA Sycophants

The wannabe Trump vice-presidents have made a sad spectacle of themselves, genuflecting in support for their morally deficient leader in what has to be one of the least edifying trials in history.

Protestors wave signs and the flag of Israel.

Jews Cannot Afford to Be Divided Over Israel

Today, solidarity among Jews could hardly be more necessary, but the community is increasingly defined by two extremes: the pro-Zionist zealots and progressive Jews (some of whom have become useful idiots for Hamas and its allies).

The Economy, Not Palestine, Will Undo Joe Biden

This week’s surge in workers seeking unemployment benefits should be a sign that America’s already weakening economy, and much slower job growth, could prove the key to this year’s election. […]

Net Zero grids may add even more economic pressure to the middle class.

Biden’s Grid Wars are a Direct Assault on the Western Middle Class

Even as western countries shift their grids to renewable energy sources, electricity demand and usage rates are soaring, adding even more economic pressure on an already struggling middle class.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, is presiding over population growth and consistent performance improvement of the city's schools.

Why London is Beating American Cities

London is beating American cities: as U.S. cities continue to decline, London remains a global powerhouse with increasing population and improving schools.

The 'death' of the family is a global issue as fertility rates are well below population replacement levels.

The Strange Death of the Family

The decline of families is a global problem, as almost half of the world’s population live in countries with fertility rates well below replacement level.

Mean Girls Rising

Once the putative party of the people, the Democrats are increasingly the party of political “Mean Girls” as radicalized women are driving the party ever further to the leftist fringe.

Canada's aggressive progressivism is tilting the nation toward an authoritarian future.

Agressive Canadian Progressivism is Descending the Country into Crazy

Canada’s historic values such as free speech and assembly along with tolerance for opposing views are disappearing in favor of aggressive progressive politics that are tilting the nation towards a leftist authoritarian future.