Building the New America, that better addresses the aspirations of most Americans

Report: Building the New America

How do we build a new urban model for America — one that is better aligned with the aspirations of most Americans? This newly released report examines the housing trends that are driving today's migration of people and jobs.
Solano County is the site of a new city planned by Silicon Valley billionaires

A Lesson on California Housing from the Billionaires Planning a New City

A cadre of Silicon Valley elites is drawing fierce criticism from local residents and environmentalists for planning a new city on the outskirts of the Bay Area, a project dubbed “California Forever.”
UAW strike reveals that many workers are no longer in lockstep with the Democratic Party.

Trump is Fighting an American Class War – and Winning

Trump is fighting an American class war — the auto strike, and his attempt to take advantage of it, reveals how many working class voters now see the Democratic Party as the party of corporate power, political censorship and cultural extremism.


Kotkin joins Freddy Gray on 'Americano' to discuss the state of American politics



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