The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) helps tech giants, but promises to threaten a large number of white collar jobs

How AI Helps Tech Giants

The emergence of AI favors certain interests, notably a handful of technology giants, the media and a small cadre of highly skilled programmers. Everyone else faces economic danger, certain to roil domestic and international politics in coming years.
Latino voters make up an increasing percentage of the electorate

2024 Will Be the Latino Election

The key voting bloc in American politics is not the black or Evangelical vote – it’s the Latinos. Now by far the largest racial minority in the nation, Latinos are also the great contested electoral territory.
Toronto is showing signs of urban decline, which it had avoided until recent years

Toronto Falls Into Pit of Urban Decline that’s Plagued U.S. Cities

For years, American urbanists and city planners have looked at Canadian cities with envy, as they had managed to avoid the searing decline of their American counterparts. And Toronto was where the late Jane Jacobs chose to make her home, largely due to her enthusiasm for urban neighbourhoods.




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