A new middle class rebellion is gaining steam

A Middle Class Rebellion Against Progressives is Gaining Steam

A new middle-class rebellion isn't rejecting everything that progressives stand for; the need for improved access to health care is resonating but cultural conformity doesn't pass muster with much of the political middle.
The Grove, St. Louis, MissouriPaul Sableman, used under CC 2.0 License

Joe Biden’s Imaginary America

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Biden's policies seem designed for coastal enclaves that do not represent most of the country — an imaginary America, rather than the diverse reality.
Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer

Why Jews Are Confused

by Joel Kotkin and Edward Heyman — The return of anti-semitic rhetoric and violence from both the Left and the Right is why Jews are confused about which side of the political spectrum presents their greatest threat.


What happened to social democracy? Joel Kotkin talks with Amanda Vanstone.


Beyond Feudalism

Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky examine how California drifted toward feudalism, and how it can restore upward mobility for middle and working-class citizens.

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Toward More Equitable Urban Growth ReportBeyond Gentrification

This new report explores how unbalanced urban growth has exacerbated class divisions.

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