Invite Joel to Speak

Joel Kotkin, Speaker and Author


Mr. Kotkin’s speech topics range widely but include many talks about:

  • the evolution and future of cities
  • regional competitiveness
  • the role of ethnic diversity in the world economy
  • the revitalization of small towns and suburbs
  • the future of American politics
  • class conflict

He is comfortable speaking before both small seminar-like groups and large conferences.

He has the unique ability to quickly understand people and the complex community in which they live.

Mr Kotkin presents demographics, economics, shifting trends and patterns which construct a roadmap for business to navigate their future. Entertaining, compelling, insightful….attendees request return engagements

Mr. Kotkin, never disappoints. Insightful presentation of the world opportunities and challenges in compelling, entertaining way. That’s why we ask him to come back.

Joel Kotkin is one of the best speakers I know on urban and planning issues. He has done the research and thought about what it means. He is even-handed and very clear. He has spoken at several conferences we have sponsored and at salons in our office, and each time he has done a great job. People always go away with new things to think about and a fresh way to approach issues that matter to us all.

Joel has keen insights into the reality of the challenges and opportunities facing our regions, cities and neighborhoods. He identifies the key trends that will have the most direct effect on our communities and proposes the exact conversations needed to address them.

Joel Kotkin is one of the most thoughtful people on the planet when it comes to issues associated with the future growth of cities and regions.  He really understands what makes places like the KC region tick.

Joel was one of the most provocative and insightful presenters we’ve had speak to our Policy Advisory Board in recent years.

Joel’s informative and enlightening keynote address was the highlight of our convention.