U.S. flag burning

Critical Race Theory Ignores Anti-Semitism

Critical race theory serves to describe a fundamental strand of the national tapestry, but presents a too one-sided view.

Garcetti’s Legacy

President Joe Biden has nominated Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India. Assuming the Senate confirms him, Garcetti, who would leave office early (his second term ends in […]

Looking across the East River toward Manhattan

The Battle for Cities

America’s cities face a battle for existence as social instability, rising crime, increasingly radicalized politics and remote work threaten their long-term viability.

Feudal Future Podcast, now in Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast – What Works Best? Working from Home vs. Working in the Office

On this episode of Feudal Future, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by Doug Holte, Kate Lister, and Andrew Segal to discuss work post-pandemic.

Lady Liberty under dramatic skies, with a face mask

How America Abandoned the World—and Our Own Inner Cities

In America and across the globe, COVID-19 is diminishing people’s prospects, exacerbating inequality with a gargantuan vaccination gap between wealthy nations and developing countries.

College Campus, USA

The End of Merit

Our educational deficit with other countries, notably China, particularly in the acquisition of practical skills, threatens our economic and political pre-eminence as our competitors are focused on economic competition and technological supremacy.

Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The Coming Collapse of the Developing World

by Joel Kotkin and Hügo Krüger — As COVID-19 rages on in Latin America and elsewhere, the possible collapse of these developing societies will have far-reaching impacts across the globe.

Young couple watching sunset in rural environment.

Millennials Are a Lot Less Progressive Than You Think

by Joel Kotkin and Samuel J. Abrams — Millennials have been cast as progressives, yet big skies and small towns are in high demand for a significant number of younger Americans.

California Fleeing

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — California may be a great state in many ways, but Californians are fleeing and their continued outmigration from the state signals worrisome demographic decline.

Saco, Montana - small town and inland from coastal cities

Upward and Outward: America on the Move

America’s recovery post-pandemic largely depends on our willingness to change conditions, on our own, when we no longer like them.