Joel Kotkin on California’s Descent into Socialism

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California prides itself on being the resistance. Resist Trump, fight climate change, be progressive, it’s all a bunch of nonsense. There’s no way the left’s ideas can really work. California has become a dangerous liberal experiment. Read more

Notable & Quotable: California Socialism

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal

This new, greener socialism seeks not to weaken, but rather to preserve, the emerging class structure.

From “California’s Descent to Socialism” by Joel Kotkin in the Orange County Register, June 11:

The oligarchs of the Bay Area have a problem: They must square their progressive worldview with their enormous wealth. They certainly are not socialists in the traditional sense. They see their riches not as a result of class advantages, but…

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Preparing for the Infinite Suburb

This interview first appeared at Hyperloop-One

A Q&A With Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin.

Third in a series of conversations during Infrastructure Week. See the previous Q&A with Dan Katz, Transportation Policy Counsel at Hyperloop One, and Parag Khanna, Geo-strategist and author of Connectography. 

The suburbs are back. In April, New York Magazine sounded the alarm that “more and more people are fleeing New York.” Time discovered just a few weeks ago that millennials are moving to the suburbs in droves. Recent studies have shown that millennials associate homeownership with the American dream more so than Generation X or baby boomers. As the world rapidly urbanizes, suburban migration presents an opportunity to define what this growth will look like — and how it might fit in more synergistically with urban cores and rural communities.

Alan and Joel
Alan Berger (left) and Joel Kotkin (right), co-authors of Infinite Suburbia

The truth is that the suburbs never fell from favor, we just stopped noticing that they became another form of the city. The shape of suburbia is an obsession for MIT professorAlan Berger and his co-author Joel Kotkin. Alan runs the MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism and teaches in the Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, while Joel is a writer and Professor of Urban Studies at Chapman University in California. Prof. Berger is also a judge for our Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Read more

Kotkin Interview with Ed Butler on BBC Radio

On: Business Daily, BBC
By: Ed Butler

Joel Kotkin interviewed by Ed Butler on BBC. Joel discusses urban development, and how to make suburban development more successful.

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‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author J.D. Vance, economic development experts discuss the heartland

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CLEVELAND — It was all about middle America at a City Club of Cleveland forum entitled, “The New American Heartland,” held at the Global Center for Health Innovation.

The big draw was author J.D. Vance, whose book, “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis,” is in its 41st week on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Vance delivered a keynote address and was then followed by Michael Lind, co-founder of New America, who talked about an optimistic report he helped write called, “The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing Middle America.”

The “New American Heartland,” as defined in the report, extends from the Great Lakes and the upper Great Plains to the Gulf of Mexico, and is viewed by the report authors as the region that will drive the nation’s economy going forward.

The forum concluded with a panel discussion by economic development experts from around the country.

Watch the event:

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Kotkin with John Gibson Discusses His Recent Article, The Arrogance of Blue America

By: The John Gibson Show
On: Fox News, WJDY

Joel Kotkin interviewed by John Gibson on WJDY. Joel discusses his article on the Daily Beast entitled, “The Arrogance of Blue America”.

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Cities That Changed The World: Mapping History’s Hubs of Innovation

By: The Colin McEnroe Show

Summary by Josh Nilaya
In looking to our past, a curious trend appears. A vast amount of mankind’s great accomplishments in art, music, science, technology and language seem to emerge from a relatively small number of cities: Athens, Hangzhou, Florence, Rome, Calcutta, Vienna, and Silicon Valley– just to name a few.

But the reasons these locations gave rise to so much advancement remain a source of debate. What multitude of factors must converge to make an otherwise un-notable city become a hub of creative genius? This hour we speak with geographers, and cultural historians to unravel this ancient and ongoing mystery.

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The Human City on Radio New Zealand

By: Nine to Noon Show

On: Radio New Zealand

Joel recently appeared on Radio New Zealand to discuss his most recent book, “The Human City.” Listen to the 30-minute discussion below.

Observations about U.S. Immigration

By: Talk Radio 105.9 – KNRS
On: Rod Arquette Show

Joel recently joined the Rod Arquette Show in Salt Lake City to discuss America’s evolving immigration policy.

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Joel Talks About the Potential for Going Fascist

By: 790 KABC Radio
On: McIntyre In the Morning

Joel recently talked with KABC Radio in California about the potential for fascist authoritarian thinking on both sides of the political aisle. Click the Play button to listen. (mp3 audio file)