Kotkin Discusses End of Silicon Valley with The Spectator

By: Freddy Gray

On: The Spectator

Freddy Gray speaks to Joel Kotkin who is the author of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class. On the podcast, they discuss the collapse of Silicon Valley. With mass layoffs in the tech sector and a post-pandemic real estate downturn, Kotkin argues the Valley is entering a period of long-term decline – but can it come back from this?

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Feudal Future Podcast: The End of Silicon Valley

Kotkin on Limits to Libertarianism with Amanda Vanstone

By: Amanda Vanstone

On: CounterPoint

Are there any limits to libertarianism? Joel Kotkin, author of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class, argues that there is and it is most obvious in housing and the market economy. Does it matter?

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Kotkin on Michael Medved Show: De-population

By: Michael Medved

On: The Michael MedHead Show

Joel Kotkin, Professor of Urban Studies at Chapman University joins the show to discuss his recent piece on the Depopulation Bomb — the threats posed by demographic decline.

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Joel Kotkin On Cities, With Carie Penabad

By: Carie Penabad


In this episode of ON CITIES, Joel Kotkin provides a wide-ranging survey on the evolution of urban life, addressing the timeless question of what makes a great city? Read more

Joel Kotkin Visits the Brendan O’Neill Show

By: Brendan O’Neill

On: Brendan O’Neill Show on spiked

Joel Kotkin – spiked columnist and author of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism – returns to The Brendan O’Neill Show. Joel and Brendan discuss the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank, the emergence of the new tech oligarchy and how the virtue-signalling elites could be digging their own graves.

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The Rich Are Eating Themselves

Joel Kotkin Talks About Reparations with the Today Show

By: Craig Melvin

On: Today Show

Joel Kotkin talks about reparations on The Today Show. California is undertaking the nation’s most ambitious effort so far to compensate for the economic legacy of racism and the legacy of one former slave, Daniel Blue, is at the center of the conversation.
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Joel Kotkin Talks with Philanthropy Daily

By: Michael E. Hartman

On: Philanthropy Daily

Earlier this month, author Joel Kotkin contributed to The Giving Review symposium of articles about “Conservatism and the Future of Tax-Incentivized Big Philanthropy.” In his contribution, “The nonprofit threat,” Kotkin examines the causes and effects of the rise of new money in America, the psychology of those who earned or have been given it, and what they and their philanthropy run the risk of doing to democracy, capitalism, and role of elites in society.

Among those with newly generated wealth mostly on the West coast, “what you’ve got is, you’ve got a common culture of progressive, very often highly educated, politically motivated people, all of whom sign on to essentially the same agenda,” Kotkin told me, which is reflected in and implemented through their funding priorities.

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Kotkin on James Morrow: Americans Dislike Control of Big State and Big Corporations

By: James Morrow

On: Sky News

Author Joel Kotkin says many people across the United States don’t want their lives “controlled” by big corporations and the government.

“Localism is an attempt to give us the chance for a third option, something that does not require that we genuflect to the woke capitalists or the woke bureaucrats,” he told Sky News host James Morrow.

“I think the key issue … is going to be can we create this third alternative.”

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Kotkin on Shaun Thompson Show: Getting Out of Serfdom

By: Shaun Thompson

On: The Shaun Thompson Show

Joel Kotkin is interviewed on the Shaun Thompson Show. Professor Joel Kotkin tells Shaun we are stuck in a medieval mindset right now – and to get out of serfdom we must vote with our feet!

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The Midterm Elections Reaffirm the American Order

By: Walter Russell Mead

On: Wall Street Journal

The midterm elections disappointed Republicans, diminished Donald Trump, and left Democrats with a grateful sense that an electoral catastrophe was narrowly averted. Perhaps more important, the elections reminded the world that, for all its troubles, the U.S. remains a deeply stable society whose fundamental institutions continue to command the respect of its citizens. Read more