Arizona’s Short-Sighted Immigration Bill

Appearing in: Arizona’s recent passage of what is widely perceived as a harsh anti-immigrant bill reflects a growing tendency–in both political parties–to focus on the here and now, as […]

Growing America: Demographics and Destiny

Appearing in: Governing Over the next four decades, American governments will oversee a much larger and far more diverse population. As we gain upward of 100 million people, America will […]

The Worst Cities For Jobs

Appearing in: In this least good year in decades, someone has to sit at the bottom. For the most part, the denizens are made up of “usual suspects” from […]

We Need a New Ross Perot

Appearing in: The Daily Beast Is it time to bring back Ross Perot? Not the big-eared, chart-crazed egomaniac and his Texas cigar boat, but a nascent movement like his among […]

The Best Cities For Jobs

Appearing in: This year’s “best places for jobs” list is easily the most depressing since we began compiling our annual rankings almost a decade ago. In the past–even in […]

Beyond the Census: America’s Demographic Advantage

Appearing in: Newsweek As the nonstop TV commercials have made clear, the U.S. Census Bureau really hopes you’ve sent back your questionnaire by now. But in reality, we don’t have […]

All In The Family

Appearing in: For over a generation pundits, policymakers and futurists have predicted the decline of the American family. Yet in reality, the family, although changing rapidly, is becoming not […]

Midwestern City New Construction

The Heartland Will Play a Major Role in America’s Future

Appearing in: Omaha World Herald One of the least anticipated developments in the nation’s 21st-century geography will be the resurgence of the American Heartland, often dismissed by coastal dwellers as […]

Jobs Will Rule November

Appearing in: Health care lays behind him, financial reform and climate change ahead, but for President Barack Obama–and his opponents–there is only one real issue: jobs. The recent employment […]

Don’t Mess With Texas

Appearing in: One of the most ironic aspects of our putative “Age of Obama” is how little impact it has had on the nation’s urban geography. Although the administration […]