The War Against Suburbia

Appearing in: The American A year into the Obama administration, America’s dominant geography, suburbia, is now in open revolt against an urban-centric regime that many perceive threatens their way of […]

California agriculture

America’s Agricultural Angst

Appearing in: In this high-tech information age few look to the most basic industries as sources of national economic power. Yet no sector in America is better positioned for […]

Stop Coddling Wall Street!

Appearing in: By all historical logic and tradition, Wall Street’s outrageous bonuses—almost $20 billion to Goldman Sachs alone—should be setting a populist wildfire across the precincts of the Democratic […]

Move the United Nations to Dubai

Appearing in: The opening last week of the world’s tallest building, the half-mile-high Burj Dubai, has largely been greeted with guffaws and groans. The Daily Telegraph labeled it “the […]

The Limits Of Politics

Appearing in: Reversing the general course of history, economics or demography is never easy, despite even the most dogged efforts of the best-connected political operatives working today. Since the […]

Why New York City Needs a New Economic Strategy

Appearing in: Newsweek When Michael Bloomberg stood on the steps of City Hall last week to be sworn in for a third term as New York City’s mayor, he spoke […]

Obama’s Elite Power Base

Appearing in: Looking back at President Obama’s first year in office, this much is clear: Obama first enraged the right wing by seeming to veer far left, then turned […]

Don’t Give Up On The U.S.

Appearing in: If the U.S. were a stock, it would be trading at historic lows. The budget deficit is out of control, the economy is anemic and the political […]

The Green Movement’s People Problem

Appearing in: The once unstoppable green machine lost its mojo at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. After all its laboring and cajoling, the movement at the end resembled […]

Nurturing Employment Recovery

Appearing in: President Obama’s quick exit from Oslo and late arrival in Copenhagen suggest he’s finally ready to shift focus from Nordic adulation and fighting climate change and diplomacy […]