Is Obama Separating from His Scandinavian Muse?

Appearing in: Barack Obama may be our first African-American president, but he’s first got to stop finding his muse in Scandinavia. With his speech for the Nobel, perhaps he’s […]

Capping Emissions, Trading On The Future

Whatever the results of the Copenhagen conference on climate change, one thing is for sure: Draconian reductions on carbon emissions will be tacitly accepted by the most developed economies and […]

The World’s Smartest Cities

Appearing in: In today’s parlance a “smart” city often refers to a place with a “green” sustainable agenda. Yet this narrow definition of intelligence ignores many other factors–notably upward […]

It’s A Mall World After All

Appearing in: If Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants a taste of home during his visit to Washington this week, he might consider a trip to McLean, Va., home […]

Boomer Economy Stunting Growth in Northern California

Appearing in: The road north across the Golden Gate leads to some of the prettiest counties in North America. Yet behind the lovely rolling hills, wineries, ranches and picturesque […]

Obama Can Still Save His Presidency

Appearing in: A good friend of mine, a Democratic mayor here in California, describes the Obama administration as “ run by the Chicago machine.” This combination may have been […]

Blue State Exodus

Appearing in: For the past decade a large coterie of pundits, prognosticators and their media camp followers have insisted that growth in America would be concentrated in places hip […]

GOP Needs Economic Populism

Appearing in: You would think, given the massive dissatisfaction with an economy that guarantees mega-bonuses for the rich and continued high unemployment, that the GOP would smell an opportunity. […]

Let Freedom Ring: Democracy and Prosperity are Inextricably Linked

Appearing in: With autocratic states like China and Russia looking poised for economic recovery, it’s often hard to make the case for ideals such as democracy and rule of […]

Ashland, Kentucky

Stimulate Yourself!

Appearing in: Beltway politicians and economists can argue themselves silly about the impact of the Obama administration’s stimulus program, but outside the beltway the discussion is largely over. On […]