Joel on KPCC’s AirTalk Discussing Solutions to Southern Cal’s Homeless Crisis

Urban planning experts join in the conversation to talk about the nature of L.A.’s housing and homeless crisis, the controversy around now-tabled SB-50 and the concept of preserving “local character.

On: AirTalk® Hosted by Larry Mantle

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Urban expert: Charlotte has ‘advantages’ in battle for talent, growth

This article first appeared in Charlotte Business Journal (paywall)

Joel Kotkin studies and writes about America’s cities, their challenges and their advantages. And, when it comes to sorting out which places grow and which ones don’t, Kotkin sees the issue in straightforward terms.

“The question, really, is where people want to live and where do they want to move,” Kotkin told me during a recent interview at UNC Charlotte’s Center City Campus, where he spoke as part of a housing policy summit. “And Charlotte has a lot of advantages for that.” Read more

Joel Kotkin on Homelessness in Los Angeles on KABC 790

By: KABC 790
On: Morning Drive

Joel Kotkin interviewed about homelessness in Los Angeles. California’s homeless issue isn’t responding to various costly programs; Joel Kotkin discusses why not.

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Joel Kotkin Discusses Media Bias on KMOX AM1120

By: KMOX AM1120
On: Mark Reardon Show

Joel Kotkin talks with Mark Reardon on AM1120 (KMOX), discussing the “mainstream” media, the current state of media bias, and whether this is the twilight of major American media.

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Joel Kotkin Discusses Democratic Socialism on WCLO AM1230

By: WCLO AM1230
On: Your Talk Show – with host Tim Bremel

Joel Kotkin talks with Tim Bremel on AM1230 (WCLO), discussing the definition of democratic socialism and its relationship to the history of socialism.

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China’s Troubled Urban Future

Excerpted from an article that first appeared in City Journal

Joel Kotkin joins Seth Barron to discuss China’s urbanization, class tensions in Chinese cities, and the country’s increasingly sophisticated population surveillance.

Rapid migration from China’s countryside to its cities began in 1980. Many of the rural migrants arrived without hukou, or residential permits, making it harder to secure access to education, health care, and other services. The result: the creation of a massive urban underclass in many Chinese cities. Rising tensions in urban areas has led Chinese officials to look to technology for alternative methods of social control, ranging from facial-recognition systems to artificial intelligence.

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Joel Kotkin Discusses “America full or not?” on the Rod Arquette Show

By: KNRS 105.9AM
On: Rod Arquette, April 10, 2019 – Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin with Rod Arquette on KNRS radio in Salt Lake City discusses his recent comments in a New York Times article about whether America is full or not.

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Trump Says the U.S. is ‘Full.’ Much of the Nation Has the Opposite Problem.

This article first appeared in The New York Times

An aging population and a declining birthrate among the native-born population mean a shrinking work force in many areas.

President Trump has adopted a blunt new message in recent days for migrants seeking refuge in the United States: “Our country is full.”

To the degree the president is addressing something broader than the recent strains on the asylum-seeking process, the line suggests the nation can’t accommodate higher immigration levels because it is already bursting at the seams. But it runs counter to the consensus among demographers and economists.

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The Tech Generation Rush Isn’t to Major Cities. It’s Away From Them

Excerpted from an article that first appeared at Ozy

Remember when Amazon led America on a mad rat race, promising to bring tens of thousands of high-paying jobs to one lucky city if it offered business-friendly bids with massive tax incentives and a promise to not disclose its plans to the public? Read more

Joel Kotkin on In Focus SoCal: the exodus of the Middle Class

By: Spectrum News
On: In Focus  – Joel Kotkin

Joel Kotkin appears on In Focus, discussing the SoCal exodus of people and businesses – especially middle class families. Housing costs play a major role, but where are people and businesses relocating?