Climate Change: Are We Adapting?

By: Microbin Radio
On: AM970 The Answer

Climate change is a real phenomenon. What can we do to mitigate damage from future climate disasters? What are the challenges for urban planning? What are the costs and who should take the lead: government, private sector or a public/private partnership?

Michael Robinson tackles climate change issues with guests Dr. Nina Lam, Steve Valk, Joel Kotkin and John Elkington.

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Tech Giants Promise to Heal Themselves But the Internet Was Built to Hate

This excerpt is from an article by Harry Siegel that first appeared in The Daily Beast.

The self-serve, untouched-by-human-hands model is meant to give giant ad companies plausible deniability about what it is they’re selling—and who they’re selling it to. It wasn’t us, just our code!

The good news is that the public and media are finally catching up with what Joel Kotkin and others have been warning for years now about the danger of tech oligarchs with market shares the robber barons of the 19th century would envy. If we really want to restore America confidence, we’re overdue for a new era of trust busting.

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McIntyre In The Morning Interviews Joel Kotkin on California Transit

By: KABC 790
On: McIntyre In The Morning

Joel Kotkin interviewed on KABC. Joel discusses California transit policy, Measure M — and whether or not the way we are spending money makes sense.

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Joel Kotkin on “The Attitude” with Arnie Arnesen

By: WNHN FM 94.7 Concord, NH
On: The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen

Rethinking the urban shopping mall, with Joel Kotkin, a Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in California. Joel is widely recognized as an authority on global economic, political, and social trends. The coming retail apocalypse presents challenges and opportunities for urban planners.

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KABC Interviews Joel Kotkin on the Green Movement

By: KABC 790
On: McIntyre In The Morning

Joel Kotkin interviewed on KABC. Joel discusses how environmental issues became a moral imperative, and harmed progress on the environment in the process.

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California Housing Prices a Vicious Circle

In a recent article about California housing prices and how they affect the future of the state, Joel Kotkin posed a question: “Is California Anti-family?

John McManus covers the issue of housing affordability in an article at Builder Online, excerpted below.

Dave Cogdill, president and ceo of the California Building Industry Association, has at least some of the answer to Kotkin’s question.

Cogdill asserts that Californians–the elected official ones and the voting ones–have only themselves to hold accountable for the decline in families and in next-wave economic prosperity, nobody else. California’s shortfall of new-home development is running at 100,000 units annually, Cogdill says, and that’s why the state is stuck in a vicious circle.

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Joel Kotkin on California’s Descent into Socialism

This piece first appeared at KFIAM640

California prides itself on being the resistance. Resist Trump, fight climate change, be progressive, it’s all a bunch of nonsense. There’s no way the left’s ideas can really work. California has become a dangerous liberal experiment. Read more

Notable & Quotable: California Socialism

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal

This new, greener socialism seeks not to weaken, but rather to preserve, the emerging class structure.

From “California’s Descent to Socialism” by Joel Kotkin in the Orange County Register, June 11:

The oligarchs of the Bay Area have a problem: They must square their progressive worldview with their enormous wealth. They certainly are not socialists in the traditional sense. They see their riches not as a result of class advantages, but…

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Preparing for the Infinite Suburb

This interview first appeared at Hyperloop-One

A Q&A With Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin.

Third in a series of conversations during Infrastructure Week. See the previous Q&A with Dan Katz, Transportation Policy Counsel at Hyperloop One, and Parag Khanna, Geo-strategist and author of Connectography. 

The suburbs are back. In April, New York Magazine sounded the alarm that “more and more people are fleeing New York.” Time discovered just a few weeks ago that millennials are moving to the suburbs in droves. Recent studies have shown that millennials associate homeownership with the American dream more so than Generation X or baby boomers. As the world rapidly urbanizes, suburban migration presents an opportunity to define what this growth will look like — and how it might fit in more synergistically with urban cores and rural communities.

Alan and Joel
Alan Berger (left) and Joel Kotkin (right), co-authors of Infinite Suburbia

The truth is that the suburbs never fell from favor, we just stopped noticing that they became another form of the city. The shape of suburbia is an obsession for MIT professorAlan Berger and his co-author Joel Kotkin. Alan runs the MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism and teaches in the Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, while Joel is a writer and Professor of Urban Studies at Chapman University in California. Prof. Berger is also a judge for our Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Read more

Kotkin Interview with Ed Butler on BBC Radio

By: Ed Butler
In: Business Daily, BBC

Joel Kotkin interviewed by Ed Butler on BBC. Joel discusses urban development, and how to make suburban development more successful.

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