Photo credit: Rafał Konieczny, Sacramento Capitol building

Why Can’t California Create Viable National Leaders Anymore?

California politicians like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan achieved national power, establishing the primary strands of conservative thought. Yet since Brown’s last attempt to win the White House a quarter-century ago, no presidential candidate from California has made a serious bid.

The Luxury City is Going Bust

In a year when two boosters of the “luxury city,” Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, are vying to run the whole country, the very model that created their “success” is slowly unraveling. After roughly 20 years of big-city progress, measured by economic growth and demographic progress, the dense urban centers, including New York, are again teetering on the brink of decline.

How Different Generations are Influencing Our Politics

Race, gender and class may be shaping our society, but increasingly generational change drives our politics. Yet the key issue here may not be culture but economics.

Shifts in Economic and Demographic Power Favoring Red States

Red v. Blue

Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox – The political and cultural war between red and blue America may not be settled in our lifetimes, but it’s clear which side is gaining ground in economic and demographic terms. In everything from new jobs to fertility rates, population growth, and migration, red states increasingly hold the advantage.

The Democratic Civil War

The Democratic Party may be united in their righteous detestation of Donald Trump, but the spirit of comity ends with that; ultimately the Democrats’ civil war reflects conflicts between prime constituencies.

demographics of the "blue marble"

Demographic Undestiny

Demography becomes destiny, the old adage goes. But many of the most confidently promoted demographic predictions have turned out grossly exaggerated or even dead wrong. In many cases they tend to reflect more the aspirations of pundits and reporters than the actual on-the-ground realities.

Tim Cook at Climate Week NYC

Big Tech’s Hypocritical Wokeness May Soon Backfire

Increasingly, Americans no longer regard our tech oligarchs as modern folk heroes; today companies including Google, Apple and Facebook are suffering huge drops in their reputations among the public.

You Think Trump’s a Danger to Democracy? Get a Load of Bloomberg.

Many in the media and political class see Donald Trump as the face of America’s autocratic future. They’ve had less to say about Michael Bloomberg, a far more successful billionaire with the smarts, motivation, and elitist mentality not only to propose but actually carry out his own deeply authoritarian vision should he be elected president.

Currency in the form of coins

The Growth Dilemma

Until just a few years ago, the need for economic growth to sustain societies was almost universally acknowledged. But today, political leaders and influential economists increasingly believe that economic growth should be supplanted by environmental or social equity concerns.

Is America About to Suffer its Weimar Moment?

Is America about to suffer its Weimar moment, culminating in the collapse of its republican institutions? Our democracy may be more rooted than that of Germany’s first republic, which fell in 1933 to Adolf Hitler, but there are disturbing similarities.