Yahoo headquarters

Can California Survive a Tech Bust?

California’s economic revival may prove to be far more vulnerable than its boosters imagine, with the tech slowdown — especially the notable slowdown in startup formation.

Jeremy Corbyn

Why Socialism is Back

Even as Venezuela falls deeper into crisis, and the former Soviet bloc nations groan under its legacy, socialism is coming back, and in a big way.

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The Cities Creating the Most High-Wage Jobs

As the country moves toward full employment, at least as economists define it, the quality of jobs has replaced joblessness as the primary concern.

Bebe store at Aventura Mall

How to Take Advantage of the Retail Apocalypse

The massive shift of retail to the web is beginning to claw into the last remaining bastions of physical space. In the last year alone, 50,000 positions were lost in the retail sector…

Working from home

Want to be green? Forget mass transit. Work at home.

Expanding mass-transit systems is a pillar of green and “new urbanist” thinking, but with few exceptions, the idea of ever-larger numbers of people commuting into an urban core ignores a major shift in the labor economy: More people are working from home.

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Amazon Eats Up Whole Foods as the New Masters of the Universe Plunder America

With his acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has made clear his determination to dominate every facet of mass retailing, likely at the cost of massive layoffs…

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Joel Kotkin on California’s Descent into Socialism

California prides itself on being the resistance. Resist Trump, fight climate change, be progressive, it’s all a bunch of nonsense. There’s no way the left’s ideas can really work. California has become a dangerous liberal experiment.

Xi Jinping, photo by Michael Temer

Is America Now Second-Rate?

President Donald Trump’s recent renunciation of the Paris climate change accords has spurred “the international community” to pronounce America’s sudden exit from global leadership.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Where Manufacturing is Thriving in the U.S.

Throughout the dismal presidential campaign, the plight of America’s manufacturing sector played a central role. Despite all the concerns raised about factory jobs leaving the country…

Tom Steyer

California’s Descent to Socialism

California is widely celebrated as the fount of technical, cultural and political innovation. Now we seem primed to outdo even ourselves, creating a new kind of socialism that, in the end, more resembles feudalism than social democracy.