Joel Kotkin talks with Nick Cater about Neo-Feudalism

Joel Kotkin on Menzies Research Centre: Medieval Mindset

Host: Nick Cater
On: The Watercooler Podcast by Menzies Research Centre (Soundcloud)

Joel Kotkin warns that traditional middle class aspirations and values such as family, nationhood and home ownership are under threat from a new class of oligarchs.

In the US, this aristocracy consists of a handful of powerful tech companies isolated from and unaccountable to the broader community. Their power and privilege is sustained by a cosmopolitan breed of opinion makers who refuse to entertain dissenting perspectives and zealously inculcate the information media and higher education institutions with one-sided worldviews.

Joel is the author of “The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class”. The former registered Democrat became disillusioned with the party when it abandoned its traditional commitments to colour-blind racial equality, upward mobility and economic growth. a presidential fellow in urban futures at Chapman University

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