Feudal Future

Feudal Future Podcast

Power & Responsibility: Tech’s Control from the Eyes of a Venture Capitalist

Andrew Romans is the founder of 7BC Venture Capital and Rubicon Venture Capital. Andrew lives by the motto – only invest if you can add value – otherwise, you do not deserve to be in the deal. He has financially outperformed more than 75% of all VCs in Silicon Valley. Before becoming a VC he was a VC-backed entrepreneur and 3x author, former techVC and M&A investment banker, founder of The Founders Club & cofounder of Georgetown Angels. He is the author of Masters of Corporate Venture Capital, Masters of Blockchain & The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital, which have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Russian by major publishers. Romans raised over $48m for tech startups he founded by the age of 28. He is fluent in English, French & German. MBA Georgetown University, which he completed on scholarship. Learn more about Andrew Romans and his company here : https://7bc.vc/.

[ 2:33] Concentration of power in global tech

[ 6:45] Historians perspective of the power of tech giants

[16:30] The impact on the middle class and becoming labor slaves

[29:08] Effect of regulations on tech giants and a glimpse into the feudal future

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