Feudal Future

Feudal Future Podcast — Episode 1

Preserving Opportunity for the Global Middle Class

In this episode of Feudal Future, hosts, Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky, share their backgrounds and work with the middle class. They bonded over a core belief in common-sense solutions, which led to their first collaborations.

They believe society should be designed to help the most people possible have opportunity. In their show, you will hear from company presidents, scholars, suburbanites, and migrant workers. The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the class divide, Joel and Marshall hope to bring people together.

COVID-19 has had the most significant effect on the middle and working class. The lives of everyday people and whether or not they do well is at the heart of this podcast. At the other end of the pandemic, these people will need someone to cut through partisanship and come up with practical solutions. They want to provide common sense and facts directly to you, the listener: no-nonsense, no politics, no narrative.

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