Toward a Continental Growth Strategy

Appearing in: The American North America remains easily the most favored continent both by demography and resources. The political party that harnesses this reality will own the political future. America […]

Suburban Nation, but Urban Policies

Appearing in: Politico Ideologues may set the tone for the national debate, but geography and demography determine elections. In America, the dominant geography continues to be suburbia – home to […]

Prosperity Index Shows That Democracy Still Works Best

Appearing in: With the Cold War well behind us, the real choice between systems lies in a growing variation in the form of capitalisms. Choices now range from the […]

Who’s Racist Now? Europe’s Increasing Intolerance

Appearing in: With the rising tide of terrorist threats across Europe, one can somewhat understandably expect a   surge in Islamophobia across the West. Yet in a contest to see […]

North America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

Appearing in: The U.S. and Canada’s emerging cities are not experiencing the kind of super-charged growth one sees in urban areas of the developing world, notably China and India. […]

California’s Failed Statesmen

Appearing in: Orange County Register The good news? Like most rock or movie stars, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with California. It’s still talented, and retains great physical gifts. Our climate, […]

Latino Dems Should Rethink Loyalty

Appearing in: Politico Given the awful state of the economy, it’s no surprise that Democrats are losing some support among Latinos. But they can still consider the ethnic group to […]

Why Housing Will Come Back

Appearing in: Few icons of the American way of life have suffered more in recent years than  homeownership. Since the bursting of the housing bubble, there has been a […]

Urban Plight: Vanishing Upward Mobility

Appearing in: The American Since the beginnings of civilization, cities have been crucibles of progress both for societies and individuals. A great city, wrote Rene Descartes in the seventeenth century, […]

Where’s Next: November May Determine Regional Winners

As the recovery begins, albeit fitfully, where can we expect growth in jobs, incomes and, most importantly, middle class opportunities? In the US there are two emerging “new” economies, one […]