Tech Leaders Meet with Trump

Can Tech Oligarchs Thrive Under Trump?

With the first billionaire in the White House, Wall Street booming and, for the first time in almost a decade, very solid and broad based job growth, one would think America’s business elite would be beaming. But that’s not so; the country’s moguls are more divided…

The Cities Creating the Most Tech Jobs in 2017

A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at the top of the heap in the United States, but our survey of the metropolitan areas with the strongest tech job growth turns up some surprising places not usually thought of as tech meccas.

Bernie Sanders

How the Democrats Can Rebuild

To win consistently in the near term, and compete in red states, Democrats need to adjust the cultural and racial agenda dominating the “resistance” to one that addresses directly the challenges faced by working- and middle-class families of all races.

The Human City on Radio New Zealand

By: Nine to Noon Show In: Radio New Zealand Joel recently appeared on Radio New Zealand to discuss his most recent book, “The Human City.” Listen to the 30-minute discussion below.

Snapchat Screen Photo credit: Adam Przezdziek

Is L.A. Back? Don’t Buy the Hype

With two football teams moving to Los Angeles, a host of towers rising in a resurgent downtown and an upcoming IPO for L.A.’s signature start-up, Snapchat parent Snap Inc., one can make a credible case that the city that defined growth for a half century is back.

Gov. Jerry Brown speaking on environmental policy

The True Legacy of Gov. Jerry Brown

The cracks in the 50-year-old Oroville Dam, and the massive spillage and massive evacuations that followed, shed light on the true legacy of Jerry Brown. The governor, most recently in Newsweek, has cast himself as both the Subcomandante Zero of the anti-Trump resistance and…

Neo-Stalinists Versus the Sons of Anarchy

In America today, it also seems increasingly impossible to separate personal life from the political. In awards shows, sports broadcasts and fashion runways — which once provided escapes from politics — we find endless protests…

Capitol Dome at dusk

Decentralize Government to Resolve Country’s Divisions

America is increasingly a nation haunted by fears of looming dictatorship. Whether under President Barack Obama’s “pen and phone” rule, or…Read more

Observations about U.S. Immigration

In: Salt Lake City Radio Joel recently joined the Rod Arquette Show in Salt Lake City to discuss America’s evolving immigration policy. Click the Play button to listen. (mp3 audio file)

Housing Construction

The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs

Appearing in: The Daily Beast American greatness was long premised on the common assumption was that each generation would do better than previous one. That is being undermined for the emerging millennial generation. The problems facing millennials include an economy where job growth has been largely in service and part-time employment, producing lower incomes; the […]