Chinese Science Fiction’s Disaster Dystopias

In Ma Jian’s novel China Dream, the protagonist, Ma Daode suggests, “The China dream is not the selfish, individualist dream chased by Western countries. It is a …dream of the entire nation…” This mindless worship of hierarchy and control permeates his thinking.

Why environmental alarmism hurts us all

Podcast Episode 7: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All With Mike Shellenberger

On the 7th Feudal Future episode, Mike Shellenberger joins hosts Marshall Toplansky & Joel Kotkin to talk about how environmentalism and housing policies are mismanaged and why environmental alarmism hurts us all.

Green Policies Won’t Keep California Truckin’

No state advertises its green credentials more than California. That these policies often hurt the economy, driving up housing costs and narrowing opportunities for working-class people while not even doing much for the environment, has not discouraged the state’s environmental overlords.

How to Rebuild the Republican Party After Trump’s Disasters

Whether the post-Trump era starts this November or in 2024, Republicans will need to rebuild as a viable aspirational party, one that supports upward mobility for most Americans; it will have to appeal to minority communities, which now tilt overwhelmingly to the Democrats.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

California’s Woke Hypocrisy

No state wears its multicultural veneer more ostentatiously than California. The Golden State’s leaders believe that they lead a progressive paradise, but Hispanics and Blacks do worse economically in California than elsewhere.

Beyond Feudalism: How do we restore California's Middle Class?

Podcast Episode 6: Beyond Feudalism: Addressing California’s Inequality Crisis (Live Event)

On July 14, Joel & Marshall held a Virtual Town Hall, discussing California’s inequality crisis and how changes in state policy could restore the middle class.

Homeless tents and flag under CA-87 in San Jose

Joel Kotkin Q&A on ‘The Coming of Neo-Feudalism’

In this interview with Carl Cannon, Joel Kotkin discusses how modern day feudalism works — the topic of his latest book, ‘The Coming of Neo-Feudalism’

Big Cities Debate on Munk Debates, with Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida

Is the Big Cities Boom Over? Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida Debate on Munk Debates

Does the COVID-19 pandemic spell the end of the big city boom? Listen to Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida debate on Munk Debates.

Gateway: Education & Skills for At-Risk Youth

GateWay Second Chance: Why We Need Education & Life Skills For At-Risk Youth

On this Feudal Future episode, Nink Carter joins hosts Marshall Toplansky & Joel Kotkin to talk about education & life skills for at risk youth, and how his nonprofit organizations seek to make a difference.

The California Dream used to include an affordable home

Is the California Dream Finished?

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers should stop trying to sell the myth of the California dream. On its current trajectory, this state is socially, fiscally and economically unsustainable.