The Three Faces of the Democratic Party Are Coming to a Head

In the wake of President Trump’s first official State of the Union speech, and the positive momentum in the economy, the putative “party of the people” now faces a much under-addressed internal crisis. United against Trump, the factions which dominate the party increasingly operate at cross purposes.

A Year Into Trump’s Peasant Rebellion

by Joel Kotkin — A year into office, Donald Trump remains something of an unlikely figure: a self-promoting and well-heeled demagogue who leads a bedraggled coalition of piratical capitalists, southerners, and people from the has-been or never were towns of Middle America. His fiercest opponents largely come from the apex of our society: the tech oligarchy, a rabidly hostile press and the cultural and academic hegemons.

The Screwed Millennial Generation Gets Smart

It’s been seven years since I wrote about “the screwed generation.” The story told has since become familiar: Millennials, then largely in their twenties, faced a future of limited economic opportunity, lower incomes, and too few permanent, high-paying jobs.

California Housing Shortage

Housing and the California Dream are at a Crossroads

For generations, California has offered its people an opportunity to own a home, start a business, and move up, whether someone came from Brooklyn, east Texas, Morelos or Taipei. That deal is still desired by most, but is being legislated out of existence for all but the very rich…

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The Cities Where African Americans are Doing the Best Economically 2018

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — To determine where African-Americans are doing the best economically, we evaluated America’s 53 largest metropolitan statistical areas…

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Can the Trump Economy Trump Trump?

by Joel Kotkin — President Trump’s critics find it hard to give him credit for anything, especially given his extraordinary boastfulness. Yet Trump’s economic policies seem to be working. New job numbers are robust and wages continue to rise.

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A New Vision for Southern California

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — Since the start of the last century, Southern California has been a pioneer in building ways of living, and an economy, that broke with normal convention. Our region created a new paradigm, one both defining suburbanism and friendly to middle class aspirations, that attracted millions here.

Tech’s New Hotbeds: Cities With Fastest Growth in STEM Jobs Are Far From Silicon Valley

The conventional wisdom sees tech concentrating in a handful of places. To a considerable extent, that was true – until it wasn’t. The most recent data on STEM jobs suggests tech jobs are shifting to more affordable places…

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Is There a Niche for Sensible Politics in America?

Given the current state of American politics, and those of our state of California, our founding fathers might well consider not just turning over in their graves but boring deeper towards the earth’s core. Yet amidst the almost unceasing signs of discord and hyperbolic confrontation, there exists a more sensible approach which could help rescue our wobbling Republic.

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In the New Year, Worry-Free California Has a Lot to Worry About

Wishful thinking and noble intentions ignore California’s slowing state economy, and a structural deficit —keyed largely to state worker pensions— a looming fiscal crisis.