Chinese Sci-Fi Writers Give Us A Glimpse Into China’s Dystopian Present And Future

In contemporary China, it’s hard to know what people outside the party dictatorship think about the future. As in the former Soviet Union, often the best guide may be not in the controlled media or cowed academia, but in the speculative wanderings of writers.

Home under construction

California’s Message: You Built That, Now Get Out!

The people who build our homes increasingly can no longer afford them. Even California’s most skilled, unionized construction workers, notes an upcoming study, cannot afford to live anywhere close to the state’s major job centers.

Donald Trump in Greenville, SC during February 2016

The Imperial Presidency

President Trump’s attempted end-run to fund his “beautiful” wall has been widely, and properly, denounced as a naked power grab by both the left and even some on the right. Yet Trump’s ham-handed and likely dangerous action also sadly reinforces a long-standing trend that seems to be leading us, inexorably, toward an ever-more imperial presidency.

Church pews in Old Brick Church, Mooresville AL - by Marjorie Kaufman

Why Social Justice is Killing Synagogues and Churches

If you go into a Reform or Conservative temple, it’s likely that you will notice two things: The congregation is becoming smaller and older. Across the United States and Europe, synagogues are aging at a rapid rate, a phenomenon increasingly common for mainstream religions across the high-income world.

Millennials are moving to Houston for jobs

Where Millennials Really Go For Jobs

Contrary to media hype, tech firms and young workers aren’t flocking to “superstar” cities. In fact, as a new Brookings study shows, millennials are not moving en masse to metros with dense big cities, but away from them.

America’s Oligarchs Face Left-Wing, Right-Wing Backlash

As Amazon’s expulsion from New York suggests, the tech oligarchs are gradually morphing from great saviors to widely perceived threats to the republic. Rather than gutsy entrepreneurs, they are seen increasingly as greedy oligopolists whose goal is to place society firmly under their digital control.

NYC protests Amazon HQ tax giveaway

Twilight of the Oligarchs?

Amazon’s decision to abandon New York City—leaving a $3 billion goodie bag of incentives on the table—represents a break in the progressive alliance between an increasingly radicalized Left and the new technocratic elite.

America’s Role Model Should Be America

To seek a better future, America needs not to ape others, but rediscover better role models, including those provided by the original New Deal, hiding in plain sight.

High-speed rail construction in California

This Train Won’t Leave the Station

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Governor Gavin Newsom has canceled the bulk of the state’s long-proposed high-speed rail between Los Angeles and San Francisco, leaving only a tail of the once-grand project—a rail line connection between the Central Valley’s Merced and Bakersfield

Lakewood, California

Restoring the California Dream, Not Nailing Its Coffin

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Virtually everyone, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, is aware of the severity of California’s housing crisis. The bad news is that most proposals floating in Sacramento won’t solve the crisis…