Los Angeles skyline, photographed by Dave ReichertDave Reichert, CC 2.0 License

The Roots of California’s Tattered Economy Were Planted Long Before the Coronavirus Arrived

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — California is in far worse shape economically than the great majority of other states also struggling through the pandemic. COVID-19 may be the primary cause of our current distress, but the evolving structure of our economy has exacerbated this calamity.
Video event: Joel Kotkin talks with Walter Mead of Hudson Institute

Making the Middle Class Wealthier: A Conversation with Joel Kotkin

Join Hudson Institute for a discussion with Joel Kotkin about building middle-class wealth and housing opportunities.
Trump, photographed by Gage SkidmoreGage Skidmore

Trump Finally Slaps Google with an Anti-Trust Suit, and Protects Democracy

Sometimes Donald Trump does the right thing, even if it may be for the wrong reasons. His Justice Department’s late-term assault on Google for its monopolistic tyranny over search and digital advertising is precisely what is needed.


How Can the GOP Win Over Millennial Voters?


Beyond Feudalism

Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky examine how California drifted toward feudalism, and how it can restore upward mobility for middle and working-class citizens.

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Toward More Equitable Urban Growth ReportBeyond Gentrification

This new report explores how unbalanced urban growth has exacerbated class divisions.

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