By Joel Kotkin

Random House

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In this original and explosive work, Joel Kotkin reveals the shared traits that have helped certain dispersed ethnic groups—among them the Jews, British, Japanese, Indians, and Chinese-to triumph in the international arenas of business, technology and communications.

Kotkin shows how the end of the Cold War and the erosion of national trade barriers have made the impact of these “global tribes” greater than ever, and he offers startling predictions of how specific ethnic groups will dominate the future.

“If you want to learn how ethnic networks can work to their members’ advantage. Kotkin has literally written the book, and done it well.”


“Revealing. . . . Kotkin’s theme is that ethnic groups seeking economic gain can do good. The tribes Kotkin has in mind are those that combine an enduring ethnic identity with a cosmopolitan outlook and a passion for knowledge.”


“A challenging analysis of how the world really works.”