Feudal Future

Feudal Future Podcast — Episode 2

Telework, Telehealth & Real Estate After The Pandemic With Dan Young

In this episode of Feudal Future, hosts, Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky, speak with guest Dan Young. Dan was the former president of the Irvine Company, mayor of Santa Ana, and currently serves on the board of Hoag Hospital.

Marshall begins by asking Dan about his vision of the future post-COVID-19. Dan believes that we may be in a one to two-year recession, but beyond those financial ramifications, he speculates on how the workplace will also change. At his hospital, they have moved 50-70% of their appointments to telehealth. Surveyed patients and doctors are both enjoying this service, with people accepting this new model of care. Dan believes this is just one example of the ways work will change in the future.

Employers see an increase in productivity and a decrease in business travel, and the need for office space. This is how we’re currently accomplishing social distancing at work; Dan thinks this is how businesses may choose to operate outside of the pandemic. With the future of work unclear, Marshall and Joel ask Dan about investing in these uncertain work times. He recommends avoiding retail and office space in the short-term and focusing on housing and industrial investments. As big tech companies try out permanent work from home measures, housing costs may go down, and traffic with all its problems may lessen.

The episode concludes with Marshall, Joel, and Dan discussing how this new future of telework will impact public policy and equality.

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