Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

The Crisis on Labor

Join us for our free online event September 1st at 9am PST: THE WORLD AFTER COVID. The event will feature Richard Florida, the world’s premier urban expert, who will discuss the global future with leading experts from US, Europe, Africa and Asia. Florida, author of The Creative Class and the New Urban Crisis, will be followed by Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow in urban futures at Chapman;  Behki Mahlobo, analyst and economic researcher at the Center of Risk Analysis in Johannesburg; Li Sun, expert of Chinese cities and professor at University of Leeds; and Laure Mandeville-Tostain, senior reporter for Le Figaro in Paris.

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[3:30] Issues behind drought in employment

[14:36] Effect of remote employment

[26:14] Wage shortages

[36:04] Future of labor

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