Feudal Future

Feudal Future Podcast — Episode 24

COVID Vaccines and Lessons from the Pandemic

An entrepreneur and pharmacy leader with informatics expertise Jordan founded businesses in Hospice and pain management pharmacy, health benefits software, and informatics consulting. Ron was also an executive at companies offering an internet consumer prescription marketplace, supply chain transformation, and health insurance. Formerly President of the American Pharmacists Association and Trustee, NCPDP, he was instrumental in pharmacy’s patient care focus and developing consensus standards for electronic health information.

Beth Brown is the Chief Technology Officer of Rev Pharmaceuticals. REV Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“REV” or the “Company”) is a pharmaceutical company engaged in developing and marketing cutting-edge nutraceutical-based products to create revolutionary improvements in health and wellness. REV Pharmaceuticals brings together the best of human biology, pharma/medical device development, business operations, and product commercialization.  The company is founded by renowned Scientists and Entrepreneurs with proven track records. Over the last 10 years, three scientists researched the biochemistry to develop natural products that do not require a prescription (over-the-counter (OTC)), are easy to use, convenient to purchase, and discreet.

[2:24] The acceleration of the vaccines and the prioritization of health

[7:30] Timeline of pandemic to endemic phase

[13:45] Countries’ and cities’ approach to delivering the vaccine

[26:00] Lessons through the pandemic

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