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Autonomous Cars Are About to Transform the Suburbs

Suburbs have largely been dismissed by environmentalists and urban planners as bad for the planet, a form that needed to be eliminated to make way for a bright urban future. Perhaps a better approach would be to address its most glaring environmental weakness: dependence on gas-powered automobiles.

From Disruption to Dystopia: Silicon Valley Envisions the City of the Future

The tech oligarchs who already dominate our culture and commerce, manipulate our moods, and shape the behaviors of our children while accumulating capital at a rate unprecedented in at least a century want to fashion our urban future in a way that dramatically extends the reach of the surveillance state already evident in airports and on our phones.
Steve Bannon speaks at CPAC

Getting On the Road to Republican Resurgence

by Joel Kotkin — To be sure, Republican control of the states is at a historic high-water mark, but the fundamentals seem to be collapsing. Its base constituencies — small towns, white male and high school educated voters — are demographically shrinking.


Localism In America

Edited by Joel Kotkin and Ryan Streeter, a new report on “Localism in America” is a collection of essays from AEI and the Center for Opportunity for Urbanism.

The report highlights ideas and proposals from writers of diverse ideological backgrounds about the promise and limits of taking on big challenges at the local level.

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