Joel Kotkin talks with Dr. Kate Devlin about the death of Silicon Valley

Kotkin Talks About the Death of Silicon Valley on The Bunker Podcast

By: Dr. Kate Devlin

On: The Bunker

Are we witnessing the death of Silicon Valley as big tech shifts from physical products to services? And has the time of California being the promised land for budding tech bros gone? Dr. Kate Devlin is joined in The Bunker by Joel Kotkin, fellow in urban studies at Chapman University, to find out.

“One of the dirty little secrets of Silicon Valley is that it was largely created by federal spending.”

“I have never met a group who are less conscious of their social impact than Silicon Valley people.“

“Today Silicon Valley is a series of oligarchic companies with 80-90 per cent market shares and no desire to improve.”

Listen to the episode:

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