Joel Kotkin on polarization in California politics, on the Purple Podcase

The Purple Principle Podcast: Joel Kotkin on Polarization of California Politics

On: The Purple Principle Podcast
By: Barbara Bogaev and Rob Pease

“In the past, middle class and working class people trying to improve their lives came to California,” says Kotkin, who feels Texas now offers some of that upward mobility.  “I don’t think they come anymore for that.”

Has the California dream given way to a cost of living nightmare? NPR veteran and LA resident Barbara Bogaev co-hosts with Rob Pease for an in-depth discussion on the challenges faced by vast and diverse California as primary voters head to the polls.

One Golden State, one great co-host; two Democratic parties, two insightful guests, Dan Schnur and Joel Kotkin, on this episode of The Purple Principle.

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