Feudal Future

Feudal Future Podcast — Episode 5

GateWay Second Chance: Why We Need Education & Life Skills For At-Risk Youth

Hosts Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin welcome you to today’s episode of ​Feudal Future​!

Marshall Toplansky explains, “Well as you can probably tell, we’re not too excited about the path we’re currently on as a society – but we are hopeful for what’s possible! And if we can better understand what’s happening and build momentum to overcome the trends – so much, the better.” Be sure to check out the ​Feudal Future​ Facebook Group​ for more information!

Marshall shares how “…Around the world, the middle class is being more squeezed than ever.” The ​Feudal Future​ podcast will explore issues by speaking with business, government, and citizen leaders with the hope of a better future. On today’s episode, you will be introduced to Clarence Carter, also known as Nink. Nink Carter graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard. He grew up in inner-city Brooklyn and attended undergrad at Michigan State University where he also received his graduate degree. During his corporate career, Nink worked at Xerox, General Motors, Lear-Siegler, and Square D Corporations. Afterwards, he became the principal of a non-public K-12 school. He and his wife, Dr. Donna Carter founded ​GateWay Second Chance Foundation​ and ​GateWay Boarding Academy​. Marshall shares that these organizations “are designed to minimize the risk of academically and behaviorally-deficient adolescent boys becoming ensnared in our inadequate criminal justice system, which is obviously marred by racism and classism…”

Nink shares about why he and his wife started these nonprofit organizations. He says that they became aware that there were young men who did not have the proper education for academic skills like basic reading and math. However, these students would then get promoted to the next grade level. Nink explains the issues this can cause for these students and their potential futures. He and his wife wanted to find a way to provide a second chance for individuals to learn these academic skills as well as help with life skills and problem solving skills. Their organization serves 12-16 year olds that are still in public school AND 14-21 year olds who may have been involved in the juvenile justice system or foster care.

You will hear about the results and progression that Nink has seen from his organization. You will hear about skills being taught to coincide with helpful math classes, as well as a mentoring program. The young men are given a mentor they can trust to get advice from. You will hear ways to help with the future of these organizations, as well as some of Nink’s goals. To close, Joel asks what lessons we can learn as a country from Nink’s experience. Nink encourages people to get involved- at each and every level of government!

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