Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

Unpacking Europe’s Youth Driven Political Shift

What if the youth of Europe are aligning more with right-wing populism than the traditional left? Join us on the Feudal Future podcast as we unpack this surprising trend with Fraser Myers, deputy editor of Spiked, and Frank Furedi, executive director of the NCC think tank in Brussels. Together, we dissect the political upheaval sweeping across Europe, revealing the key factors driving young people toward populist movements—ranging from dissatisfaction with identity politics to the economic challenges they face. We also delve into the constraints of EU membership on national sovereignty and how this feeds into a growing public demand for greater democratic accountability.

Our conversation takes you through the media’s role in shaping political narratives and the diminishing trust in mainstream institutions. Myers and Ferretti share their insights into recent European elections, where traditional strategies have failed to counter the populist surge. You’ll hear about the unexpected political behaviors among Gen Z, particularly in France and Germany, and how right-wing parties are gaining traction. We also explore the broader implications for European democracy and political engagement, considering whether populists like Italy’s Giorgio Maloney will continue their rise or if the establishment can fend them off. This episode offers a thorough examination of Europe’s shifting political landscape and what might lie ahead.

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