Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

The Top Key Issues Facing Society in 2024

Could our current education system really be churning out a generation that’s less learned than the last? Joel and I grapple with this unsettling possibility as we investigate the shifting tides within educational institutions, from the revered halls of Harvard to the vibrant classrooms of primary education. As 2024 dawns, we’re pulling back the curtain on the existential role of learning in a society saturated with social media and disrupted hierarchies. This candid conversation unravels the future of university degrees and vocational training against the backdrop of AI’s encroachment into the job market, while also spotlighting the potential of apprenticeships and learning by doing to forge a new educational paradigm.

In an era where fresh infrastructure projects are often glorified, we cast a critical eye on the untapped value of upgrading what’s already in place. The allure of new development is dissected, with a focus on the economic drivers that favor groundbreakings over renovations, and we ask whose interests are really being served. By examining cases such as Southern California’s train services and New York’s Second Avenue subway, Joel and I emphasize the importance of steering infrastructure improvements toward the practical needs of communities. Join us as we dissect these pressing issues, promising a stimulating dialogue that’s sure to ignite conversation and reflection on the future of our economy and education systems.

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