Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

Shattering the Green Energy Illusion

Ready to uncover the startling contradictions in the green energy movement? Promising a journey into the intricate ecosystem of sustainable power, our episode with Jennifer Shaigec and Robert Bryce will have you questioning what you thought you knew about the transition to alternative energy sources. We discuss the irony of advocating for green energy while simultaneously obstructing the very processes that make it possible – the mining and extraction of essential minerals. We also look at how this power shift is impacting economies globally, from the First Nations protests in the Ring of Fire to coal-dependent nations like Indonesia.

Ever wondered why there’s such a divide in global sentiment towards nuclear power? Join us as we take a deep dive into the differing attitudes and unique challenges that each country faces when it comes to harnessing nuclear energy. We examine the perception of risk in Canada, the growing interest in Europe and Japan, and the complexities of implementing a unified policy. But we don’t stop at nuclear – we’re also scrutinizing the potential influence of corporations on the green energy movement and evaluating the financial implications for the everyday consumer.

Our conversation wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the elephant in the room – labor shortages. From mining to electric linemen, we shine a light on the pressing issue of blue-collar labor scarcity. We discuss the potential implications of introducing environmentalism into school curriculums and question the influence of the super wealthy on the transition to green energy. With so much at stake, the future of energy costs remains uncertain, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll be thinking about the green energy movement in a whole new light after this episode. Join us, along with Jennifer Shaigec and Robert Bryce, for a vital dialogue about the real costs and implications of going green.

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