Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

The Political Paradox of Marriage Decline

Are you aware that the decline in marriage rates could be silently and profoundly shaping our society? Today, we’re joined by Sam Abrams and Brad Wilcox, esteemed visiting fellows at the American Enterprise Institute, to dissect this pressing issue. We deliberate on how the health of marriage could determine the economic mobility of less fortunate children and how the increasing sense of loneliness in society could be linked to this very decline.

Intrigued by how the world of politics is influencing marriage? We explore how political heavyweights, specifically mayors like Blasio, Bloomberg, and Giuliani, harness their platforms to address this societal shift. Yet, their personal narratives often reveal a different story. We further touch upon the reluctance of progressive politics to grapple with the topic of marriage and propose policy solutions that could potentially help reintroduce marriage into the mainstream.

Ever consider how the rising trend of premarital cohabitation might be redefining traditional family structures and influencing marriage rates? We’re examining just that, along with the intriguing role of religious beliefs in shaping attitudes towards marriage and premarital cohabitation. Join us for this riveting exploration of changing cultural norms and their potential long-term implications. A rewarding listen for anyone interested in understanding the intricate interplay of marriage, politics, and social institutions.

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