Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

Navigating the Tides of Change: How Global Politics May Shape America’s 2024 Elections

Uncover the unforeseen ways foreign policy sways the American electoral tide with us, Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin, as we host a conversation that traverses the global political landscape and its potential shocks to the 2024 elections. With luminaries like former U.S. Ambassador to Italy Ron Spogli and Asia Pacific expert Robert Koepp sharing their insights, this episode is a deep dive into the geopolitical undercurrents—from NATO’s strategies to the East Asian power balance. We navigate the complex web of international relations that could very well dictate the next occupant of the White House.

Witness a thought-provoking dissection of how America’s stance on global democracy, AI, and climate change may just redefine our future. Presidential historian Luke A. Nichter and ex-ICANN innovation lead Ashwin Rangan join our panel to analyze the critical role technology plays in shaping both domestic and global perceptions. The episode doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting topics like the decline of democracy and the global economic chess game orchestrated by emerging powers, notably China and India. Their maneuvers on the world stage could be a game-changer in the political arena.

Finally, the spotlight turns to the educational forefront with a look at how institutions such as Chapman University are evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing geopolitical theatre. We ponder America’s relationship with Europe and consider the educational strategies needed to arm the next generation with the tools to navigate a world where international policy decisions have profound domestic repercussions. It’s a masterclass in connecting the dots between the halls of academia and the complex web of global politics, with an eye firmly on the horizon of the 2024 elections. Join us for an episode that’s equal parts enlightening and urgent, as we chart the course for America’s role in an increasingly interconnected world.

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