Feudal Future Podcast - Season 2

Feudal Future Podcast

Exploring the Paradox of Peace and Economics in Taiwan-China Relations and International Trade Expectations

Discover the nuanced complexities of Taiwan-China relations and the unexpected preferences of their people towards peace, as we’re joined by Raymond Kuo from the Rand Corporation and Professor Robert Koepp of Chapman University. Instead of the often-presumed march towards military conflict, we uncover a deeper narrative that highlights the Taiwanese public’s recent electoral choices favoring a reduction in tensions with China. Our guests bring to light the intricate economic interdependencies that may be the true linchpins of stability in the region, as well as the strategic wisdom behind Taiwan’s bolstering of its defenses—not for war, but as a steadfast deterrent to uphold the peace that both sides of the Taiwan Strait deeply value.

Then, let’s unravel the intriguing theory by Dale Copeland on trade expectations and peaceful international relations, a perspective that might just redefine major power dynamics. We scrutinize the idea that the promise of burgeoning trade could be more influential in maintaining harmony than the current trade volume itself. If countries view the future of trade as bright, they’re motivated to keep the peace; but if they foresee a trade downturn, the scales could tip towards conflict. This notion of the ‘shadow of the future’ provides a captivating lens through which we analyze state behavior on the global stage, and could very well be the key to understanding how economic foresight shapes international policies and alliances. Join us for a compelling exploration of these critical global issues with our esteemed experts.

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