Feudal Future Podcast — Episode 22

Examining China’s Urban Growth, with Austin Williams

On today’s episode of Feudal Future hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by Austin Williams. Austin Rhys Williams is course leader/senior lecturer in PG Dip Professional Practice in Architecture at Kingston School of Art; and honorary research fellow at XJTLU University in China.

He is the director of the Future Cities Project, China correspondent for the Architectural Review and has written for a range of publications; from the Times Literary Supplement to Top Gear; from Dezeen to The Economist.

His latest books are “China’s Urban Revolution: Understanding Chinese Eco-cities” (Bloomsbury, 2017) and “New Chinese Architecture: Twenty Women Building the Future” (Thames & Hudson, forthcoming, 2019). His previous books include: “The Enemies of Progress”, “The Future of Community” and “The Lure of the City”. He co-founded the mantownhuman manifesto (featured in Penguin Classics “100 Artists’ Manifestos”) and the New Narratives initiative. (Kingston)

[2:30] Austin and Joel discuss the differences in urbanism between the West and China.

[13:30] Austin explains China’s vision for the future with artificial intelligence.

[15:30] Marshall, Austin and Joel discuss Jack Ma and independent thought.

[27:04] The episode ends with a discussion of economics, population control and China’s demographics.

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