Entries by Joel Kotkin

California’s Economy is Weaker Than it Looks

California’s reliance on the economically elite 1% who account for half the state’s income tax — could prove troubling once the current stock market boom ends. Yet, that inconvenient truth hasn’t stopped the Governor from proposing a record-high budget for 2022-23.

Class War is Just Beginning

The pandemic revealed how much those of us in the laptop class depend on the efforts of low-paid service economy workers, potentially feeding a new era of class conflict, with the “Great Resignation” being just the beginning.

Welcome to the End of Democracy

We bemoan autocracies in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and China but largely ignore more subtle authoritarian trends in the West. We may remain nominally democratic, but be ruled by a technocratic class empowered by greater powers of surveillance than those enjoyed by even the nosiest of dictatorships.

Is This the End of Progressive America?

The institutional triumph of progressives will not produce an enduring political victory, let alone substantially change public opinion. Instead, the erosion of trust in our public institutions threatens to end progressive America.

The Left Doesn’t Own Minority Voters

The Left discovers it doesn’t own minority voters as they shift to centrist politics: the growing disconnect between minorities and the Left reflects how tone deaf progressives are to the diverse views and interests of racial minorities.

Western Greed Fuels China’s Domination

There is a hypocrisy at the heart of the West’s attitude to China: although we’re constantly warned about the threat from Beijing, our political and corporate elites seem intent on making this century a Chinese one.