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Andy Vance


ABN Radio,

Joel talked with Agri Broadcast Network’s Andy Vance on agriculture’s role in the future of the United States and Suburbanism. From ABN:

Dr. Kotkin talked with ABN Radio’s Andy Vance about his central concern with the recent trend of anti-agriculturalism: “A formula that works for high-end foodies of the Bay Area or Manhattan can’t produce enough affordable food to feed the masses–whether in Minnesota or Mumbai. The emerging war on agriculture threatens not only the livelihoods of millions of American workers; it could undermine our ability to help feed the world.”

Listen to Andy’s interview with Dr. Joel Kotkin about “America’s Agricultural Angst.”

Andy also talked with Professor Kotkin about his recent editorial on “The War Against Suburbia,” and how the Obama administration is targeting suburban and rural America with some particularly onerous policies and regulations, and why those policies may very well be his undoing.  Listen to the interview here.