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Madison job growth ranks in the middle of the pack

By: Mike Ivey In: Madison Capital Times When economists read the statistical tea leaves, seeking signs of an easing recession, they often look for a bottoming of the stock market or an uptick in factory orders. But the economic picture for thousands of working people across Wisconsin won’t improve until the job picture brightens. And […]

Large Cities Need Healthy Churches to Survive

By: Michael Clary In: Everything is Backwards Blog So writes Joel Kotkin, in The American. In this article, Kotkin asserts that large metropolitan areas have become havens for the uber-rich while the poor insist on sticking around since they can be difficult to displace. What he argues is that there is something missing in this […]

Budget cutting difficult task for Inland Empire cities

By: Andrew Edwards In: The Sun – San Bernadino and Inland Empire Budget cutting is like the political equivalent of surgery without anesthesia. However government officials try to slice their way out of deficits, there’s going to be an outcry. At the state level, it’s impossible to balance the budget without cutting education, which is […]


Joel Kotkin has been asked by numerous civic, business and governmental organizations to help develop plans for their future development. He combines historical insights and theories developed in his prolific writings with extensive interviews developed for each client. This gives clients a realistic assessment of their current situations, future prospects and, most importantly, creates a […]

Budget woes placing California into unknown territory

Since Tuesday, when Californians shrugged off Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s warning of “fiscal Armageddon” and voted down a package of budget-balancing ballot measures, everybody has wondered what the worst part of Armageddon might be. Fire station closures? Prisoner releases? Education funding cuts? Health care funding cuts? Messy public parks? The worst part of Armageddon so far […]