Midwestern City New Construction

The Heartland Will Play a Major Role in America’s Future

Appearing in: Omaha World Herald One of the least anticipated developments in the nation’s 21st-century geography will be the resurgence of the American Heartland, often dismissed by coastal dwellers as “flyover country.” Yet in the coming 40 years, as America’s population reaches 400 million, the American Heartland particularly the vast region between the Rocky Mountains […]

Jobs Will Rule November

Appearing in: Forbes.com Health care lays behind him, financial reform and climate change ahead, but for President Barack Obama–and his opponents–there is only one real issue: jobs. The recent employment reports signal some small gains, yet the widespread prognosis for a slow, near-jobless recovery threatens the president and his party more than any major domestic […]

Don’t Mess With Texas

Appearing in: Forbes.com One of the most ironic aspects of our putative “Age of Obama” is how little impact it has had on the nation’s urban geography. Although the administration remains dominated by boosters from traditional blue state cities–particularly the president’s political base of Chicago–the nation’s metropolitan growth continues to shift mostly toward a handful […]

Immigrants Key to Economy’s Revival

Appearing in: Politico.com In Washington on Sunday, the tens of thousands of demonstrators demanding immigration reform looked like the opening round of the last thing the country needs now: another big debate on a divisive issue. Yet Congress seems ready to take on immigration, which has been dividing Americans since the republic was founded. But […]

The Not-So-Lucky Country

Appearing in: Forbes.com President Obama’s last-minute decision to postpone his homecoming to Indonesia and a trip to Australia expands the list of friendly countries–which include France, the U.K. and most of Eastern Europe–that have received a presidential snub. Yet in putting off his Australia trip, Obama will also miss an opportunity to commune with the […]

America in 2050 — Where and How We’ll Live

Appearing in: AOLNews.com The presence of 100 million more Americans by 2050 will reshape the nation’s geography. Scores of new communities will have to be built to accommodate them, creating a massive demand for new housing, as well as industrial and commercial space. This growth will include everything from the widespread “infilling” of once-desolate inner […]

America in 2050 — Strength in Diversity

Appearing in: AOLnews.com An ongoing source of strength for the United States over the next 40 years will be its openness to immigration. Indeed, more than most of its chief global rivals, the U.S. will be reshaped and re-energized by an increasing racial and ethnic diversity. These demographic changes will affect America’s relations with the […]

Forced March To The Cities

Appearing in: Forbes.com California is in trouble: Unemployment is over 13%, the state is broke and hundreds of thousands of people, many of them middle-class families, are streaming for the exits. But to some politicians, like Sen. Alan Lowenthal, the real challenge for California “progressives” is not to fix the economy but to reengineer the […]

What American Demographics Will Look Like in 2050

Appearing in: AOLNews.com To many observers, America’s place in the world is almost certain to erode in the decades ahead. Yet if we look beyond the short-term hardship, there are many reasons to believe that America will remain ascendant well into the middle decades of this century. And one important reason is people. From 2000 […]

Machiavelli Or Torquemada?

Appearing in: Forbes.com For more than one-third of a century Jerry Brown has proved one of the most interesting and original figures in American politics–and the 71-year-old former wunderkind might be back in office in 2010. If he indeed wins California’s gubernatorial election, the results could range from somewhat positive to positively disastrous. Brown is […]