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Woke Boardroom Preening a Threat to Democracy?

Is the woke corporate boardroom a threat to democracy? Adam Creighton quotes Joel Kotkin, “the diffusion of power so critical to democracy has been replaced by a near unassailable alliance between Silicon Valley tech giants, Wall Street ‘and the progressive clerisy in government and media’ ”.

Is Congress Ready to Invest in Regional Economies?

Industrial policy — the whole idea that the federal government can direct growth — has many doubters. “It’s really got to be locally driven,” says Joel Kotkin, an urban studies scholar at Chapman University. “They’ve got their act together internally, whether it’s Fargo or Fayetteville or Des Moines. I can’t see why the federal government should be in the business of picking one locality over another.”

Joel Kotkin on the Carl DeMaio Show

Joel and Carl discuss how the state is continuing to hemorrhage people at a higher rate, with particular losses among the family-formation age demographic critical to California’s future.