Manchin and Sinema are key Democrats

Manchin and Sinema Hold the Key for Democrats: Respecting Regional Differences

Moderates Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona hold the key for Democrats passing their legislative agenda, if Democrats can respect regional differences.

Worker in the construction trade

Work or Welfare?

Does the baffling shortage of workers presage a post-work society, in which only a select few work and many live on the “welfare” of a universal basic income, their jobs having been eliminated by automation?

The Great Nudge is a contemporary form of thought control.

The Great Nudge

Contemporary thought control takes the form of a gentle nudge that gradually closes off one’s critical faculties and leads one to comply.

Working from a closet space.

Own Nothing and Love It

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Today, the class of small property owners is being undermined by tech and financial interests, and increasingly intrusive bureaucracies.

Abandoned area of Detroit

The Socialism America Needs

Clobbered by the pandemic, the capitalist dream is fading for too many: the socialism America needs is one that lifts its working-class people economically instead of one that promotes a social agenda.

Earlier era of U.S. industry in Hannibal Missouri

The Reshoring Imperative

by Joel Kotkin and Michael Lind — The COVID-19 pandemic brought tragedy and disruption to America. But it has also provided another stark warning concern­ing the country’s disastrous over reliance on overseas production. However, reshoring America’s industrial base will require comprehensive national industrial policy.

Parents with a child

We Need More Families

Families, and the lack of them, are emerging as one of the great political dividing lines in America, and much of the high-income world. The familial ideal was once embraced […]

U.S. Capitol Dome - a symbol of America

America is Built on a Great Culture. Progressives Want to Abandon It

Great nations rest on a great common culture. Progressives would do well to relearn that a common culture that binds us is not only good and necessary, but popular.

California progressives are dreamin' while their policies destroyurban life

California Dreamin’

California progressives are dreamin’ while their policies are resulting in ever increasing inequality, homelessness, and urban crime. Joel Kotkin covers Michael Shellenberger’s timely new book, San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities.