Austin, Texas downtown area, viewed from residential area.

America is Quietly Reinventing Itself

America is quietly reinventing itself as millennials increasingly move away from coastal metros to smaller cities and suburbs in the Sun Belt where they can find more affordable housing.

Sydney, Australia - one of many increasingly unaffordable cities

Serfing the Future?

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Are we “serfing the future” as big capital and ever-more intrusive regulation creates a market in which home-ownership is out of reach and young people are forced into a lifetime of rental serfdom?

Income inequality, steet poster

The Kids Are Not Alright and the Center is No Longer Holding

Across the west, the young are losing faith in the future, as many millennials face diminished economic prospects with a lack of upward mobility.

Gilets Jaunes, worker protest in France

The Working Classes Are a Volcano Waiting to Erupt

We may, as de Tocqueville put it during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, be ‘sleeping on a volcano’. A still inchoate rebellion from below against the concentration of wealth and power above seems to be gathering momentum.

is China's economic model cracking?

Red Dusk

Is a red dusk on the horizon? China is an aging, increasingly class-ridden society facing slowing economic growth, a looming property meltdown, and demographic collapse.

Homeless encampment in Oakland, CA

California’s Vanished Dreams, By the Numbers

Even today amid a mounting exodus among those who can afford it, and with its appeal diminished to businesses and newcomers, California, legendary state of American dreams, continues to inspire optimism among progressive boosters.

Barn painted with Texas flag design

Texas Is The Future

A new urban renaissance is taking shape — and this time, it’s in the heart of Texas. Never before in American history have two metros in one state — Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth — been in the nation’s five largest.

A vast army of low-wage service economy workers underpins the American economy

America is Headed for Class Warfare

Does the recent unionization vote at Amazon signal an opening round of class warfare? Inflation on top of economic inequality is driving a rising tide of class conflict.

Virtual reality, a step toward the "metaverse"

The Metaverse Isn’t Real Yet But It’s Already Really Lucrative

The idea of a “metaverse” began in 2003 with Second Life, a game and marketplace; tech leaders are betting their futures on the ‘permanent virtual reality’ of the metaverse.

A medieval fortress rises from the fog.

When the Arc of History Bends Back Toward the Dark Ages

A modern dark ages is descending on once-dynamic Western societies that are now stagnating as they did in feudal times. The middle class is losing ground, as the world becomes more hierarchical and feudal, less prosperous, and much less free.