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Stimulate Yourself!

Appearing in: Beltway politicians and economists can argue themselves silly about the impact of the Obama administration’s stimulus program, but outside the beltway the discussion is largely over. On […]

Our Euro President

Appearing in: Barack Obama’s seemingly inexplicable winning of the Nobel Peace Prize says less about him than about the current mentality of Europe’s leadership class. Lacking any strong, compelling […]

There’s No Place Like Home, Americans are Returning to Localism

Appearing in: Newsweek On almost any night of the week, Churchill’s Restaurant is hopping. The 10-year-old hot spot in Rockville Centre, Long Island, is packed with locals drinking beer and […]

Mexico’s Real War: It’s Not Drugs

Appearing in: Balding, affable and passionate, Uranio Adolfo Arrendondo may not be a general or political leader, but he stands on the front lines of a critical battle facing […]

Purple Politics: Is California Moving to the Center?

Appearing in: You don’t have to be a genius, or a conservative, to recognize that California’s experiment with ultra-progressive politics has gone terribly wrong. Although much of the country […]

Play It Cool at the G-20, Mr. President

Appearing in: Barack Obama goes to this week’s Pittsburgh G-20 with what seems the weakest hand of any American president since Gerald Ford. In reality, he has a far […]

California’s Golden Age

Appearing in: California may yet be a civilization that is too young to have produced its Thucydides or Edward Gibbon, but if it has, the leading candidate would be […]

Hard Times In The High Desert

Appearing in: The High Desert region north and east of Los Angeles sits 3,000 feet above sea level. A rough, often starkly beautiful region of scrubby trees, wide vistas […]

Smart Growth Must Not Ignore Drivers

Appearing in: Politico For the time being, battles over health care and energy seem likely to occupy the attention of both the Obama administration and its critics. Yet although now […]

The Kid Issue

Appearing in: Forbes Japan’s recent election, which overthrew the decades-long hegemony of the Liberal Democratic Party, was remarkable in its own right. But perhaps its most intriguing aspect was not […]