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Joel Kotkin moderated the discussion on the topic of “Localism in America,” a new collection of essays from AEI and the Center for Opportunity for Urbanism highlighting ideas and proposals from writers of diverse ideological backgrounds about the promise and limits of taking on big challenges at the local level. The event was hosted by American Enterprise Institute.

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Joel Kotkin narrates this report on the crisis of housing costs in California — and how skyrocketing housing costs imperil the future of the Golden State as millennials increasingly pursue the American Dream elsewhere.

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McCloskey Speaker Series at the Aspen Institute
Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow of Urban Futures at Chapman University and Executive Director of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism, discusses his newest book, The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us, which challenges the way we think about our cities.

Joel Kotkin narrates this video from the Center for Opportunity Urbanism
In this video Kotkin explores America’s housing crisis – and how we can preserve the American dream and continue to promote upward mobility for all Americans.

Reason TV: California vs. the Suburbs
“If you really believe that suburbs are going to die, then let them die, and let the market address the situation” says Joel Kotkin, Chapman University professor and urban planning specialist. Watch this video to learn more about the ideology and outcomes of modern urban planning.

Reason TV: America in 40 Years
With so much bipartisan handwringing about everything from immigration to the environment, it seems like many are expecting America to collapse before 2050. Urban historian Joel Kotkin, offers a rare and optimistic take on America’s future.

Inside OC with Rick Reiff
Urbanologist Joel Kotkin of Chapman University discusses his recent OC Model report, with its warning signs for the Orange County economy.