Affordable housing in Jubilee Park

Looking Forward: A New Agenda

by Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — In their essay, "Looking Forward: A New Agenda," Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox lay out five key principles for inclusive urban growth.
Downtown Los Angeles at Night

Gentrification is Failing in Los Angeles

by Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky — Gentrification is failing in Los Angeles as the city suffers the highest levels of crowding, the greatest levels of poverty, the least affordable housing, the lowest homeownership rates and the second-largest concentration of homeless in the nation.
Signage at the Golden Globes

Today's Cultural Engineers

Today, we don’t face state-controlled cultural engineers, but the trends in American and to some extent European mass culture are beginning to look almost Stalinesque in their uniformity.


Toward More Equitable Urban Growth ReportBeyond Gentrification: Towards Equitable Growth

This new report explores how unbalanced urban growth has exacerbated class divisions, particularly in the urban centers of our largest’s metropolitan areas.
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California Becoming More Feudal

Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky explore how California’s leaders can improve things for the next generation in California Becoming More Feudal, With Ultra-Rich Lording Over Declining Middle Class, a research brief from Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy.
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Joel Kotkin interviewed by Reason about California’s high speed rail project.


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